Respite sighs from a frazzled state

Human mind is deemed to be an organ which has no usage limit .The more you compel it to work ,more it is sharpened but I believe our mind is the most easily fatigued organ.

Fatigued mind doesn’t always mean to be bilious and wry yet it is also meant by effects in our daily lives.
You will become unable to perform normal works efficiently.Alot of thoughts will be circulating your thoughts . If you don’t give it moments of serene,it is gonna deteriorating day by day.

Last few days have been too hectic for me .Entered a zone full of heavy exercises immediate from a resting zone without any warm up.

It’s been approximately 7 days i think I haven’t taken a respite sigh 😔. I used to heard alot that workplace routine makes you dull and vacuous and I experienced that as well.

Your life becomes robotic and mechanical.Your observative skills relinquish you promptly after possessing jaded mind.

And i was facing all this . I am not only one who is facing all this but these all things are totally new for me.A clinophile boy brought up like a prince is now getting up early in the morning ,getting ready ,marches to workplace ,works there and is experiencing all this without any pre exposure.

But the good thing is that I know about stuffs who may play role in resuscitating soul inside me and most important of that is “food”😂

So yesterday to enjoy some valuable moments i along with mah friends decided to go immediate from workplace instead of taking rest as if we clined down on bed then there is no force on earth that can asks us to leave bed {except flying chappal(shoe) from mama😂}.

We booked a cab ,picked up power bank as cell phones were almost dead and enrouted towards islamabad city.
Capital has always been mine favourite city .And uptill now it is ,until unless I experience any bitter taste here.Strolling alone on roads here under yellow trees of evanescent leaves with cold breeze is one my fantasies.

Well coming back to my journey 😂,as i was going towards imagining my fantasies about capital .

So our first stop was fatima jinnah park .
It was pre evening time . A lot of man and beautiful fairies were ambling there . At first we felt awkward as were in office raiments but then we beguiled us saying who knows you here.
Fatima jinnah is much captivating place due to its natural territory and proper maintenance as well . Usually food stalls become source of litter so it was a god thought of not letting any food stall inside park.

It was second time i have been here .Alot of people were trudging. Some were having visit of this mesmerizing and some were there for their daily walk .

People of all segments and ages were there and it was delightful to spend each second there though .We sat on fluffy lawn and started our gossips from each tree to person noticing what a naked eye can😂

Uploading IMG_8389.jpeg #40

We spent time there till evening.Evening didn’t even lessen its beauty as the sparkling and dazzling lights were adding in to beauty of garden.

We got hungry as skipped daytime lunch so thought to find some sort of delicious food. We moved out of garden and visited market searching for a good resturant.All of us are fond of fast foods so decided to try something from an arabic resturant namimed As “Syria Shawarma” and ordered for

       ** “Sarookh shwarma Beef”**

Now it was time for most hard and wearisome thing i.e WAit
As there is a famous quotation that

“Of all the hardships a man faces,most hard and tiresome is simple phenomenon of waiting”

We were noticing people everyone was enjoying in its own way. Some came there with family ,few were looking to return from offices and few were students comin there in groups.
Soon the time reached which invigorated us 😂and we were served with our mouth drooling meal

After bouncing upon meal just like a predator,lethargy and tardiness was prevailing upon us due to continuous movement and when you have to enjoy alot and repel tiredness in instant way then there are only two ways either coffee or tea.

So for that we enrouted towards “Centaurus mall” Centaurus is situated on f8 sector from whose terrace you can have view of whole islambad as well as can see a light glance of “Monal restaurant “ as well.

We went to “gloria jeans coffee” and I ordered for Cappuccino
I usually prefer caramel cold coffee but this time actual purpose was not to get dizzy that’s why I preferred cappuccino

Those were totally moments of tranquility >>cool breeze,night view, friends music and a delicious cappuccino.
After getting attented and freshed we set on for shopping

You all might be wondering that these clicks are of female attires 😂what did i get from there well I didn’t buy anything from there but I don’t know why i am attracted towards female dress and clicked pics of those vendors.

Btw i did buy something for me as well probably after one and half years as i am not fond of shopping and mostly my shoes plus clothes are selected by my younger brother.I bought a bluish coloured T shirt for me but I don’t have any pic of that at the moment.

These were truely very enjoyable fun hours. We ambled ,we visited garden ,we ate delicious things and we did shopping as well and now it was midnight and we all has to get back to our routine from next day as well.So we all set to return ,booked a cab and reached our destination in 1 hour.And in this way a working as well as enjoying day came to end giving us many memories to reminisce.

Share with us your such moments
This us my post for dreemport weekly challenge
All the pics belong to me and are clicked by own mobile camera

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