WednesdayWalk #41: Christmas Decoration in SM Masinag | A Virtual Walk

Christmas Decoration in SM Masinag

Now I really felt the Christmas season is officially here because last night when we visited SM Masinag I saw the mall full of Christmas decorations outside and inside. Like I said in my previous post we have planned to visit a place with Christmas decorations to share the spirit of Christmas. That is our simple way to share the jolly season with you.

Last night while walking on the road I saw a traffic jam that means there so many people went outside.

Here are the Christmas decorations outside of the mall. Even the waiting shed had Christmas lights so those people who waited in the waiting area really enjoyed the lights while waiting.

Before you step inside the mall just take a picture with these Christmas decorations at the front of the entrance.

Now let see how's the Christmas decoration inside the mall. In the middle of the first floor of the mall, it has a Christmas tree that is tall with huge stars above the tree the symbol of Christmas. If you look up you will see huge ornaments hanging above the tree and below the Christmas tree, you will see small trees scattered around the tall tree.

if you go to the second floor of the mall you will a huge garland decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments. On the side of the garland, you will more a small Christmas tree and super huge color red Christmas ornaments.

While walking inside the department store I saw a small Christmas Village with a different kind of design. That is very lovely to watch because most of them are moving that's why the price is a little pricy.

Wednesday Walk #41

Please Note: In this article, all the images are mine I captured them using my Realme 5 Pro.

Camera: Taken by Realme 5 Pro
Category: Holiday Photography
Date Taken: November 22, 2022

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