Wednesday Walk - Walking in heavy rain

Hello friends. It has been rainy where I live for about a week. There is precipitation in the form of sleet, sometimes hail, and sometimes just rain. The rain is sometimes torrential. It is quite difficult to go out except for essential work. Continuous rainfall has caused danger in some places. In some places, landslides left people in a difficult situation.

This year the snowfall was not at the expected level. In years with little snowfall, there is usually a dry summer season. I hope that with the rain, the precipitation will increase to the desired level.

On days when it rains for a long time, water gushes out from the sewer lines. This poses a great risk to human and animal health.

I like walking in rainy weather. It is possible to protect from rain with an umbrella. It is a bit difficult to both carry an umbrella and photograph rainy weather. When the intensity of the rain subsided a little, I was able to take photos.

The enthusiasm of the streams has reached its highest level. This stream merges with large and small water sources and flows towards the Tigris River. This river flows through Iraq and flows into the Persian Gulf.

Nature looks very different to me in rainy weather. In sunny weather, nature is not so appealing to the eye. Precipitation is like nature's makeup.

That's all I have to say about my walks and observations this week. See you next week. Take care of yourselves

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