Wednesday Walk: A Walk in the Old Street and Churches in Cebu

It's been a while since I and my parents went out together. It's usually just papa and I... usually just for groceries and stuff. Today, however, was a chance for us to walk around and visit some churches in the area.

We had our Baby Jesus repainted. It was already done, so we decided to take the chance and walk around the nearby churches for a bit.

The weather was quite gloomy when we headed out. It wasn't raining anymore, but was still a bit cooler than usual.

Took a groufie (group selfie) with mama and papa. It so happened that the caps we ordered online came yesterday, so we're able to use it. Mama had papa's Mighty Ducks cap on, while papa is wearing his LA Dodger's cap... As for me, I chose Angel's cap... welp, I'm a Shohei fan, so why not? We're wearing caps just in case it becomes hot later. :)

We arrived at the shop where we had our baby Jesus repainted. Mama and papa are dressing him up. The owner of the shop is a sweet and thoughtful grandma. She even gave us some gifts.

From the shop, we started with our walk. Her shop is located behind the Cebu Cathedral church. This portion is a small garden behind the church.

It was around 10AM when we walked around the area, but this place is so silent. haha Though the other side of the church is more crowded. This is quite an old street and there's actually a museum nearby. I just couldn't take a picture of it since it's on the opposite side of where we were going.

Entering the church premises. It's a an old yet beautiful church. It's Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It's among the biggest and oldest churches in Cebu.

Majority of Filipinos are Christian particularly Catholics by faith. I'm one of them though I don't really consider myself that religious since I don't go to church that often. And even if I do, I don't usually attend the mass. I usually just pray and light some candles.

We plan to walk to Sto. Niño church afterwards. It's just around 5 minutes away on foot if we use the shortcut from the side exit of Cathedral church. Before going to Sto. Niño, we went to La Fortuna Bakery to buy some snacks to take home.

Just like the churches we visited, this bakery has quite a history. It was first built in the 1950s... and the one we went to is the newest branch they opened. The oldest branch is in Borromeo Street (15-20 minutes on foot away from this branch), which is another old street in Cebu... though it's a couple centuries younger than Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines.

I'm so glad to finally go back to these places. It was my and mama's first time going to these places again since the pandemic started. After visiting the churches and enjoying our walk, it became quite hot. You may notice some people taking out their umbrellas... it's for the sun and not for the rain. Haha

We hailed a cab and went home. Our place is 30 minutes away by car... :) And that's it for our Wednesday walk. It would be nice to go for a walk again soon. I'll try doing so... our city's plaza has been renovated recently, so I'd like to take a walk there again. I'll share it here when I do.

Thanks for taking a walk with me today. See you next time! (^^,)/

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