Towards Archeology Department| Wednesday Walk

My university is like a town because you get to see a lot of things inside it. As I mentioned in my previous articles my university is located in the heart of Margalla Hills. The beauty of Margalla Hills makes the university It has also created a beautiful and charming place.

Everywhere you look in the university, you see greenery. Another thing is that my university is located in the middle of mountains, so there are many stairs to climb.

Since I was wearing nice dress and the green looked beautiful too, I thought why not take a picture.

After that we went to Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization. Texla institute of Asian civilization is an actually archaeology department of Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad. Most importantly I want to mention Taxila here which is one of the ancient city in this world. In Taxila there is world's oldest university which is Takshashila University.

In the middle of department there is Buddhist stupa. You will be amaze to know that Taxila, city in Pakistan, is part of Ghandhara Civilization. Moreover, Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization aims to preserve the real essence of this old civilization.

This stupa is sign of Archeology department because Taxila city is most famous for Buddist monasteries.

Besides this significant stupa, there is a founding stone of department over which name of Dr Ghaniur Rehman is mentioned. He is the one person who started journey of Taxila institute of Asian civilization.

Around the stupa there were many flowering plants which were looking like embroidery of beautiful dress.

Pink color vibrant flower was waving to me and becoming a reason for my smile. The garden was loaded with different color beads.

Purple color's plants were grasping my attention so strongly that i could not stop myself to move towards them. I Wish that @tattoodjay will also find this interesting.

Indeed, nature is beautiful.

These beautiful flowers made my day.

Thank you so much for stopping by ✨

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