Harbor hidden parts - my harbor walk continues

A few days ago I came across a movie on TV. Quite by accident, because I don't watch that kind of stuff - bombastic American action, blockbuster, you know - with all the famous Hollywood actors and stuff. But, filmed for cheaper in Bulgaria.


I went on the Internet to see which locations they used for their purposes and surprise - some of the photos were taken in a port. Not what I am showing you, but the port of the Bulgarian "sea capital" Varna.
The tricky part is that the action is set in Somalia. But they took the photos in a Bulgarian port. And at the port of the largest and most important Black Sea city in the country.


So, I've never been to Somalia, but I guess the producers are banking on the fact that a lot of people haven't been there and that it doesn't really matter what a Somali port actually looks like. And yet I thought about the Bulgarian ports.
You know that last week I started showing you my harbor walk in my favorite seaside city Burgas. I have no idea how you perceive this site from the pictures I have shown you so far and will show you today, but for me it is a very pleasant place. Especially in its initial part - the mysterious monument of Boyan the Magician, which I showed you once and which no longer exists, then the rest of the art pieces, the congress center and the magnificent building of the marine station...

(The beautiful white building of the congress center in the background with the "monster" next to it.)

(The marine station.)

These are some amazing views I saw on my harbor walk then.

I think, that's more or less the more representative part of the area, of the whole port infrastructure.


Because continuing your walk into the harbor, to the yacht club and approaching the lighthouse, the view little by little begins to change. Completely imperceptible.


If we look at the details, we will notice some things.



Like how old and worn out some marine gear is. Even (and mostly) on the grounds of the yacht club.


(Yacht club sounds expensive otherwise, doesn't it?) 😃

After taking these pictures, I can now explain why a Bulgarian port can be presented as a Somali one.


Here, the place I reached during my walk, is quite, as if remote from civilization. It is separated from all the people who walk calmly along the waters of the harbor, ie. it is a less visited place. Maybe that's why the first time I came here, I thought that it was a restricted area and you couldn't go inside. But here it can. And although there are quite a few boats and yachts moored here, and there are always some people there, the place still seems abandoned.


Finally comes the lighthouse - the main goal of the walk today. The end point. The center of attraction.
Can one walk on a harbor and not reach the lighthouse - the most important thing in such a place? Pretty much impossible.


It's really the end of that territory now, you know. And this place is the quietest and most remote.

And yet, I was amazed to find this thing here, laid out like this.


Abandoned and broken wooden fishing boat.


I admit it is beautiful. I love old wooden fishing boats, no matter what condition they are in. I can't stop taking pictures of their weathered, haggard bodies.
But this is not the place for this boat - in a more or less modernized port.


Still, Gosh, how many things one could see and encounter just on a harbor walk! I'm ready to show you more next time. Don't want for my posts to become unnecessarily huge. Although I know, no one can get tired of port and sea stuff.

So see you next week on this wonderful occasion! Happy #WednesdayWalk!

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