Wednesday Walk - Sparks of Color

Here is a mish mash of things for this #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay
I went out for a walk earlier in the day than my normal evening walk. It turned out to be hot and humid with enough humidity to cause a rainbow burst from the sun on these hazy clouds.

The clouds were still fairly thick, later that day it ended up downpouring.

In the forest area I caught a glimpse of fall starting to show up. This looks like some sort of vine leaf turning red before the trees have turned.

The last batch of monarchs are still around, they should be leaving here soon to migrate to Mexico.

For now there are still quite a few flowers for them to feast on. Though within a couple weeks everything will get cold and kill off all the flowers.

As usual I keep an eye out for birds, I believe this is a red tailed hawk. It kept a close eye on me trying to sneak up on him.

Later on I noticed a strange looking silhouette. At the time I thought it sort of looked like a cormorant but once I opened it up on the computer it turned out to be a bald eagle. These guys are a bit sparse over here until winter when they migrate down from Canada to fish on the unfrozen winters down here.

I finally made it to the swamp area and as usual there were plenty of mallards hanging around. These ones look like they were still young, they had no fear of me like the wood ducks do. Sadly all the wood duck flew off before I could get any close-up shots.

That's all for this #wednesdaywalk thanks for looking :-)

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