Wednesday Walk - Citizens of the Flower Empire

For this #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay I decided to focus on little critters hanging around on the flowers.
These are the royals of the flower empire aka monarch butterflies.

Here is the industrious bumble bee, a very productive working class citizen of the empire. Perhaps they are the heavy machinery operators of the kingdom.

They have lots of work ahead of them. They have a huge field of sunflowers to harvest pollen from.

These are the chefs of the flower kingdom. Honey bees convert the flower kingdom's pollen into something edible for the strange humans that smoke them out of their homes to steal it.

On the other hand they do get free housing from the humans in exchange for their honey.

Here is a fallen soldier of the flower kingdom. They protect the bees from the spider web by laying eggs in their backs. Once they do their egg laying assassinations of the spiders they die off. The bees get to live another day avoiding the spider webs.

These are the masses of the kingdom that float around aimlessly eating milkweed getting high all day.

Here are a couple of proud parents of around 1,000 offspring. Soon they will have to move to a different milkweed plant. Perhaps they are the demolition crew of the flower kingdom.

They have moved on to another sector of the milkweed neighborhood to desiccate the plants.

Fortunately the aphids are kept in check by these ladybugs. These may be the cops of the kingdom.

This is a loner of the kingdom. He spends his days trying to eat the milkweed plants before the milkweed bugs get to them. He is also looking for a girlfriend.

He is in luck he found a mate. Now they can spawn some milkweed beetles to compete with the swarming milkweed bugs. Perhaps these are the anarchists of the kingdom that don't fill any particular role in society in the flower kingdom.

That's all for this #wednesdaywalk thanks for looking :-)

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