Wednesday Walk - An Evening Walk

Here's an evening walk for this #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

As usual I took my daily walk around the lake looking for critters. The first thing I saw was this red eared slider looking up at me from the murky waters. Perhaps it was hoping I would throw some popcorn in for it to eat.

Right near the turtle a strange flower was blooming from one of the water plants. It kind of reminds me of a bird of paradise plant from Arizona but those things grow out of dry sand not lakes lol.

The next flower I saw was some sort of milkweed being pillaged by a wasp.

This little baby squirrel was wonder why I was taking a picture of the wasp. There's always something looking at you in the wild.

The Canadian goose family was out in the perfect ray of light.

They are super used to me by now and don't even hiss at me anymore.

I think this was the second family raised at the lake this year.

Members of the other family were all sleeping on a different bank. This is one of the babies almost fully grown up taking a nap while keeping its eye just slightly open to check for potential domesticated dogs walking by.

On my way back home I noticed a copper headed cowbird female. These gals are bad for the songbirds as they like to knock eggs out of their nests and lay their own eggs in other birds nests. Then the poor song bird ends up raising a cowbird that knocks the smaller babies out of the nest.

The sparrows were hanging out with the cowbird. I wonder if the sparrow nests ever get raided by the cowbirds... Welp that's about all for now, thanks for looking and happy #wednesdaywalk :-)

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