A Visit with an Elderly Friend

There is a group of elderly women who regularly come to Church. I made friends with them and make it a point to visit with them in their homes. This lady I met some three years ago. She is 80 years old and so full of energy.

Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved. ~ Thomas Fuller

This is the welcome sign by her door.

She loves birds, cats, and plants. In fact, she used to have birds and cats.

Yet at her age, she no longer keep pets. So she makes do with still and inanimate cats and birds.

Her house plants are succulents and those that don't require much care. She likewise changed the landscaping at the back and front of the house.

We dream of having a clean house - but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? We don't have to dream about doing the work, because doing the work is always within our grasp; the dream, in this sense, is to attain the goal without the work. ~ Marcus Buckingham

What will you consider changing, if any, when you reach the age of 80?


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