Wednesday Walk : Walk, Visit And Enjoyed The Day

Greetings Wednesday Walker Friends,

This is my another Wednesday walk blog and this week I had plan for a long walk to make a hive blog on it. So here I come with my walk experience in this Wednesday afternoon.

Its almost my dinner time which means my Wednesday about to end so before the dinner and prayer I'm sharing this blog with you all. Hope you going to enjoy reading and visiting it.

College View Of Today's Moment

It was a nice Wednesday walk so far as I walked and purchased necessary accessories and foods. At first I bought a jar of chocolate milkshake and drunk it right there. It was yummy and cool. I may have it again someday.

The jar was only 30 taka which is approximately 1 hive or little than that. I enjoyed my cool milkshake drink and went to the street market where there I have purchased my phone's screen protector and backside cover for the complete protection of my phone.

Chocolate Milkshake I had today in the afternoon

After refreshing myself with the cool milkshake I went to market and purchased phone protectors. This cost me 170 taka in my currency and approximately 3hive I've paid. My phone looks really new after the back cover change and screen paper change.

It was a big day, I've walked more than thousand steps today in the evening. It made me feel awesome and energetic. I had some snacks to eat and I've attended my prayer inside the mosque of shopping mall and I had some street photographs during the walk.

Next I'm going to share my Wednesday walk experience via photos I've captured. Hope it will represent my Wednesday walk more clearly. Have a look!

It was a beautiful day with suitable weather when I can go for a walk and capture moments I've spent. Last few days its raining and I was not sure about the walk but finally I made it.

Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday over there. I love sharing market Friday blogs and also Wednesday walk blogs and it give me good vibes. Going out and having walk really good for our physical and mental health. We should keep doing this.

This is the entry blog for #WednesdayWalk contest, Hosting By Sir @tattoodjay 💗💖💓

Thanks For Visiting My Wednesday Walk Blog!


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