Walking All Around!

I was walking around downtown Sarnia and it was freezing, winter was back, ahhh, at least tomorrow is going to be back to summer weather. I had to go to the welfare office, it was a nice walk there expect for the weather, I got to see all types of murals on the sides of buildings. There was a neat structure that had the temperature, but it was way off, there was no way it was that warm.

I still needed to walk, but I was getting to cold, so I said to myself, lets go to the Lambton Mall. It was pretty neat, I ran into Mr. Potatoe Head once again, I walked by all sorts of photos on the side of the wall, that local people took of Sarnia and area, walked by the bitcoin atm machine, I couldn't buy any though, walked by Lids, I had a job interview there yesterday, I find out friday if I work there! I also picked me up a coffee from Coffee Lodge.

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