Wednesday Walking With the Moon


An entry for the #wednesdaywalk challenge hosted by @tattoodjay.


Well, in all honesty, this walk took place yesterday. I knew the moon would be near full strength, and I read something online about how this September full moon would a perfect time to redefine your life. You know, redefine your career, behaviours, patterns of thinking...hey, I'm game to try anything.


With that said, I wanted to get a morning walk beneath the full moon and give it a go. With all the changes of late in my life, why not go to the place that brings me the most happiness? Maybe there is nothing to this "new age" thinking, but what could it really hurt? Plus, with rains from the night before, I knew the marsh would be bursting with life.



And life there was; birds were chirping, crickets were humming, and water birds were squawking overhead. With temperatures in the 50Fs, it was a perfect morning to get my steps in and meditate with nature.


PXL_20210921_114208233 (1).jpg

If you happened to read my weekend post yesterday, you may get a sense of my new approach to nature. It's the idea that spirits and deities are all around you when you walk in through the wood; every breeze or tree is something alive and communicating with you on some level.


The best part of the walk was finding a woodpecker, however. Monday night, I came home to find a dead woodpecker in our backyard. Sadly, it appeared to have flown into our kitchen window and break its neck. Hattie and I gave it a burial Monday night; it was a beautiful bird...I hate it when they fly into windows. Then Tuesday, I noticed a similar bird on my walk. I took a few photos to share with Hattie to let her know that our poor little dead bird still had friends enjoying life.



Part of me wants to believe that the bird let itself be photographed to let us both know that everything is alright...that's not too new age(y), right?


Not a bad Tuesday #wednesdaywalk at all. This place is very calming and relaxing; whether or not I will manifest my new wishes and desires into the world under the moon...time will tell, eh? Still, running into the woodpecker made the day for Hattie (and me!)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my walk. Until next week...hoping all had a wonderful Wednesday too!

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