Walk in the Rain; nah, It Didn’t Happen

Spring here decorates itself with a feastful beauty— not because you see new leaves sprouting almost everywhere but because of the bustling bloom with lingering aroma enough to calm your mind and bow before the grandeur of the almighty.

Enough with spring— it is the same around the world; new leaves, new life.

The excitement lies in the bounty it brings in the following season. Luckily, we have six seasons in this part of the world and summer is full of all the sweetest fruits you can eat. Not to mention the scorching heat inviting destructive thunderstorms and month-long drought.

But this morning, we had rain.

After 4 months of dryness, the sky finally thought enough is enough— let there be rain and there was it. So, I took the time to walk in our lychee garden and some other places to observe if further irrigation is necessary to aid the moisture of the earth. Meanwhile, I noticed these little bees hovering over the flowers and collecting honey. Indeed, they are hard-working— as a part of the Hive, I guess we need to be like them; doing all means to keep the hive safe.

Can you see the tiny lychees? I can already taste them

By the way, every year these beekeepers visit and camp at these gardens to raise their bees and produce honey while the flowers last. While walking through the bee boxes, I found this beehive. It was thrown away after collecting the honey. How complex yet faultless every hexagonal shape is— amazing.



I wonder how they all get in through that tiny hole yet reach to their respective spot

It was a long walk, from my home to the garden and then again, back to the house. Unfortunately, the sun was pouring all the heat right on my head. And the rain this morning wasn’t enough to cleanse the dust from the leaves.

Weather is a confusing thing, when it was raining I was at my driving school and thought it was enough. But no, it didn’t rain the same back in our village. So, the humidity was killing me and I rushed back home.

But yes, I enjoyed spending time among thousands of bees watching them pollinate.

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