A Peaceful Walk At Dahilayan Gardens

I always wanted to stroll after the rain died down. It is Wednesday, and I had a great time taking a Wednesday Walk together with my family at the Dahilayan Gardens, free from problems and entirely at peace.

When I first heard about the soothing Dahilayan Gardens in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, I thought it was full of flowers, but tall, verdant pines surround the beautiful location.

And it is one of the best spots in Bukidnon, tucked away at the foot of the stunning Mount Kitanglad.

It is my first time coming to this breathtaking place, and it appears that I will take a walk in the woods, but there are no wolves here, just the birds and other extraordinary forms of wildlife.

I love to walk daily, and I love to walk here at the Dahilayan Gardens to discover solitude and tranquility.

I took a lot of great images on the walk when it stopped raining, and it was the ideal time to go for a walk on such a beautiful day.

It was a pleasant walk among the natural surroundings. I have seen the greenery of the ponds with lots of fish and other aquatic organisms.

And I spotted a stunning rainbow in the sky, but just before I clicked, it vanished. It was cloudy, or we were in a wet season.

I felt terrific halfway up, and the surroundings were really wonderful. Even though I snapped many pictures along the route, I did not experience severe discomfort. My joy with the mini adventure and all I see makes me feel wonderful. The air up there is different. Those who have visited the woods may be familiar with the sensation.

Simply peaceful, even the trees were still. Pine cones were in my way, and I could not help but admire them. They each have those very detailed patterns and details that give the impression that someone meticulously carved each one.

As I continued walking, I came across some stunning camping huts. How I wished to stay, I only went to Dahilayan gardens for a serene walk. The place is full of pines, and it is a resort as well.

There were glamping oaks, glamping pines, and glamping walnut. I took a quick visit and found a cozy ambiance inside.

Inside the glamping, huts were a bed surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. Every lamp had zips, and locks, with a living room, bedroom, deck, kitchen, and eating area as they offered solitude and quiet. It is like a home with the luxury of a resort. And an overlooking scenery of the wild heart of nature.

This beautiful location is one of my favorite places to explore since I love walking to places full of greenery. I am learning to explore beautiful environments nearby for a spot to play, chill, and unwind amidst some of the most stunning landscapes conceivable.

I continued to rise gently after taking numerous pictures, not wanting to miss anything lovely, looking in all directions. Simply clicking here and there made me develop an addiction to stopping for a few minutes to take in anything new or appealing to the eyes.

I stepped down the constrained path other bystanders were using since I was itching to see more. I was grateful that the areas had been cleaned by someone who showed kindness. It surprised me that I did not run across anyone besides my companions, which is excellent because I enjoyed the location with my family.

I moved forward at a leisurely pace and, to my delight, came across an area for a bonfire planted with pines and sophisticated flowers. Of course, after scanning the site to see if anyone was present, I could not resist taking a few pictures as well.

I took a few and looked at them, then realized I felt hungry, and I was grateful because there was a pizza shack nearby. Even though I have been up there for two hours, I still feel like I have not seen enough. But I also needed to take a quick break and hydrate. Yes, I did bring a bottle of water and chips with me.

I sat down and watched the ominous clouds developing in the distance. Since I forgot to carry an umbrella, I must leave for home immediately to avoid getting wet if it started to rain. Even though taking a shower in the rain sounds like joy.

I began to meditate as I silently thanked nature for the happiness it had bestowed upon me. I sense something unusual as I descend a little distance.

My walking journey comes to an end right here. My favorite location is breathtaking. Mainly mountain walks always make me smile, and my daily routine is greatly assisting me in becoming a better person.

Walking in the mountains, away from human interruption, and in the fresh air without noise pollution, has always been so relaxing and a blessing.

Have a great Wednesday Walk, sweet ones. I have had a fantastic day, and I hope you have the same.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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