Serene evenings, happy heart: all about my evening walk

Happy Wednesday friends!

How are you all? Hope you all are having a beautiful Wednesday. I am also good and nowadays enjoying my evening walk with the nature.

Today i want to share about my walk to our nearby garden where i mostly go for evening walk.

This is a beautiful and well mentioned garden named hathi garden which is almost 300 meters away from my home.

Let's explore the whole garden 🏡 :

At the entrance there is a big tree.

This garden is divided into 4 parts , 1 part has good space for children to play, it has lots of Swing and that all are suitable for all age group children.

They all are surrounded by big trees , which gives very cool and fresh air.

There are benches installed under the trees and at other places, where we can sit peacefully and enjoy nature and watch children playing.

My baby always went to this part first where he enjoyed lots of Swing. There is a different happiness visible on his face which gives great relief to my heart.
The laughter of all the Children can be Heard in the garden, which takes away the tiredness of the whole day.

In the second part there is a small garden which is usually used by people to photography.
I see daily people come here to do photo shoots of their special occasions, birthday , anniversary , maternity shoots all here.

There are walking path all around which is almost 400 meters.

Here you can see the the pictures of the path with different place and angles.

In the center there is 2 big garden, surrounded with benches. Suitable for walking, playing, sitting with group and relaxing. I saw that all age group people come here and spend time in their own way. Some do walk , some just sit and watch around, some listening song, some playing badminton and other games. I also have a very good memory when my baby was one year old i usually come with mu hubby and we both teach him to walk.

In the another corner there is a place for yoga, and for those who need solitude.
I noticed 2 boys come and practice singing often.

Best part of the evening walk is witnessing the sunset especially when sun plays hide and seek behind the trees. And when sun set behind the tree and sky painted with red and orange colour that view tooks away all sadness. We wait for the next day with a new hope 😀.

Here are some sunset shots which i captured yesterday.

So, this is all about my yesterday walk, when i enjoyed my walk so much in the garden, and achieved my daily goal of 5k steps.

This is my entry for the #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay. hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for your time, support and love 🤍✨

@mysteriousroad 🙏🇮🇳

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