A Nightwalk Through Novigrad in Croatia

Hello Wednesday Walkers!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted a walk, but that doesn't mean I've stopped walking. I was in fact doing some extra walking and trying to get my steps up and be more fit and active.

The temperatures have dropped a bit which makes it easier for some daytime walks but today I have a nighttime walk that I made in Novigrad in Istria, Croatia. It allowed me to test out the night mode and panorama mode on my phone camera.


As we arrived at Novigrad center, the first views we have are of the harbor and we could see the many fishing boats that look like they are actively in use. I also managed to catch the tourist train as it was going around.

The evening was really illuminated by a very yellow moon that I couldn't capture so well with my camera. There were many stands along the harbor selling many hot and cold treats. The kids wanted candy floss and popcorn. My wife took the freshly made chimney cake with sugar and cinnamon.

We started to leave the harborside area and head towards the centre of the old town and look for a nice restaurant for some evening dinner. There were many choices available and they all looked to a high standard of food and service.


The town had a great atmosphere about it. Very relaxing and friendly. There was also a castle like building that was restored and it wasn't long before we were near the centre as it is a small town.

The streets were clean and nicely decorated and we came across this great display of colourful umbrellas and row of boutique shops.

These lead out onto a main square and church tower. I saw this sign and hurried my wife along as quickly as I could.


I tried to get a panoramic of the square.

Here is another shot of the square from the tower and then one looking back at it as we walked away.

All in all it was a really great evening's stroll and experience. Thanks for joining me. Until the next time.




All photos are my own.
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