Walking In The Natural Park - Serra Gelada

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There are days when the best medicine for us is a walk and talk. Even when we are in a good mood or celebrate something, or having a special day, doesn't matter. Those outdoor activities always bring just even more energy. Last Friday, it was a day that this kind of medicine and energy filling happened - planned and achieved. We had a hard day the day before, some unexpected health condition of my young man made us spend the whole day in the hospital. You can imagine that it was not so pleasant. Well, it is never pleasant if it comes to spending a day in such a condition, but anyway, I was there to try to shine and give some smile back to his face. Mostly, it was just concern and eyes full of questions that I got back.



A decision was made, Friday will be a school-free day. We spent the morning on the path to the lighthouse, in the natural park Serra Gelada. One part of the village where we live is situated at the bottom of this hill. The other, the lower part of the settlement we can see from here. From one of those while buildings that we can see in the following photo, I am writing this post.



The day was cloudy, but it was not cold. It was just perfect for this walk, as something that was really needed that day. He seemed to be more relaxed, not being concerned anymore. It opened the way to talk about casual things, and also touch on some more serious topics, but in a spontaneous mode. The path was empty, it was there just for the two of us.



Ok, to be honest, not just for the two of us. There are some fossils that are for longer there, the fossils of Condrodontos. I didn't invent this name, they indeed existed, some 100 million years ago. They were molluscs, so they lived under the sea! The rocks we are seeing now and can touch were under the sea. The very first time I saw this, I thought they were just marks of some seaweed. But then, after reading the board with the information, I learned about that Condrodontos. And now, you too, who reads this text.




As we continued, other boards were there too to read and learn something new. In one of them, the relief of the mountains is shown, with their names, which can be seen from this place. One of those mountains was the place where my last week's #WednesdayWalk happened.



Continuing with our walk, and having a good time, looking at the blue sea and green pine trees, the hill, also some small plants caught our attention. I dont really know the name of this, although again some informative boards were there, I didn't see on the list this interesting one. Mainly, there are dry bush kinds of plants, like lavender, esparto grass, but also some species of orchid, bulbous plants, narcissus living in the shade.




All these beauties we can enjoy now thanks to the path that exists since 1961. Before, it was another, more difficult, steep, and narrow one that led to the lighthouse. There were dangerous parts of the track, but now with this tunnel, the path is easier. Enjoyable, for sure. And again, the view, when you come out from the tunnel, is just amazing. I think @amico.sports would agree with me :) Btw, when you guys are coming again?!?!? Where's Bella?






Coming slowly to the end of this walk, I would like to suggest again a small game. Now I will make it a little bit more difficult, but it is not impossible to come to the answer just by being curious. In one of the places where we were watching the mountains, there is a board with the names of them. Ok, it can be hardly seen, but the internet is a miracle, so I suppose it will be not that difficult to give the correct answer. Question: Which is the highest mountain top that can be seen from here and how many meters it is high? You have just one attempt: Name of the mountain and its height. You know, a small tip will come your way :)
The first who gives the right answer is the winner. Have fun :)


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