Evening Jog and Stroll @ Kepong Metropolitan Park (with Forest-Like Trails and Mirrored Lake!)

Went a little further from the city with my friend @josephinengpy7 last Sunday to have a jog at this park named Kepong Metropolitan Park. It is said to be one of the largest recreational parks in Malaysia.

Due to the unique location of this park (right at the side of the highway), not much parking space is available. I've heard that people used to triple park, which caused massive congestion in this area.

For the government to use the funds to build this multistorey car park building to cater for the visitors of this park, I guess the amount of crowd must be quite massive.

Turns out, quite true. There is already a large crowd at the park entrance.

There are many canvas stores selling kites, balloons, bike rentals etc. If it was not because of the park, I would have thought this is a night market. So happening! 😂

They even have a costumed character in the park. Many kids lined up to take pictures with this huge Mr Panda! 😄

Here's Mr Bear pumping balloons for his customers. 🐻

The Rainbow Arches 🌈

We were greeted by this colourful arch view near the park entrance.

It's a large open space where people can ride their bikes, scooters and rollerblades.

It certainly felt cool to ride your bike under these rainbow arches. Like you're going through a tunnel.

Reminds me of a game I played when I was young. "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down..." 🎵

Forest-Like Trails

This is a bigger park compared to the one I went to 2 weekends ago. They have walking and jogging paths everywhere, surrounded by the nature like big and tall trees. I love sceneries like this. 🌳

It's an encouraging sight to see young and old come to the park during the weekend to exercise and enjoy nature.

With the tall trees around, it does look like we're in the middle of a forest, isn't it? 😄

Caught this shot when I looked up to the sky. This condominium is just located right opposite the forest view you saw earlier. Interesting contrast eh? Like a forest in the city. 😄

As we walked further, we saw this valley-like mountain view, with a little river stream. Lovely view! 🌳

Usually, there is a cycling path (in blue) alongside the walking path.

Sadly, most joggers don't usually jog according to the lane cause they prefer spaced-out jogging I guess. I would be quite upset if I were a cyclist, cause I need to honk them out of the way. 😂

My friend and I had a tough jog cause there were just too many people. We need to constantly "signal" our way out (like a car) to skip the person in front of us. It was an intermittent jog cause we joked and laughed too much along the way. Definitely running out of oxygen that day! 😂

Saw the water on the left and right of this walking path? Aside from the forest-like trails, there are also beautiful lakes in this park! Interested to see more? Follow me! 😄

Scenic and Mirrored-like Lakes

Love the big tree and the mirrored mountain on the lake. So so beautiful. 💙

A calm-looking lake under a blue sky. :)

Another side of the lake overlooks the condominiums.

There is also a viewing tower near the lake to overlook the surrounding environment, which I now quite regret that I didn't go up. I shall remind myself to go if I ever visit this park again! 😄

I'm always fascinated to see big long pretty bubbles like this. Cause I've only played with bubbles when I was young (using shampoo/shower gel/soap) in the shower, where bubbles are always small and burst easily hahaha 😂

Took a wefie with my friend near the lake. 😄

Photo credit to @josephinengpy7

This is me teaching my friend how to use the 🖐️ selfie mode setting on a Samsung phone. She didn't know her phone can take a selfie shot automatically when we show the 🖐️ sign. Look how shocked she was in the first photo! Hahahaha. 😂

Also, I'm not sure why my face became dark in the 2nd and 3rd photos. 😂Seems like a dark cloud appeared on top of me. So I drew a thunder cloud on top of me in the collage photo hahahaha ⛈️.

Another mirrored lake view. Like a painting eh? Such nice weather!

Now here... is probably the part I dislike the most throughout the whole jog. Saw that greenish stale water near the rocks at the right bottom? The stench was so bad in this area that we couldn't breathe for 10 seconds. 🤢🤮

Thankfully, we saw the news the next day that people complained about the unpleasant smell and the authority in charge will take action soon. Hopefully, the problem is fixed the next time we come. Fingers crossed 🤞


No park is complete without a playground. 😁

Food Stalls

There are a number of food stalls selling local delicacies such as rojak and local drinks in the park. A good place to quench your thirst and for tea time snack! 😋

The Green Pastures Like Fields

Yes, this park is big enough to accomodate a football field.

Some brought badminton racquets to play badminton on the field too.🏸

One of the famous activities in this park is kite-flying.

There are many unique and colourful kite designs available for purchase.

Too bad there wasn't any strong wind last Sunday, hence not many kites are seen in the skies.

Even the windmill spinner wasn't moving much.

Saw a meaningful sign board in the park that speaks a great encouragement and reminder to all.

Hirup ketenangan, lepaskan tekanan. (Malay language)
Breathe in peace, and breathe out stress. (direct translation to English)

Going to the outdoors does give us a breather and improves our overall well-being, especially when we're leading a hustle and bustle life in the city.

So, go to a nearby park whenever you can.
Nature has the ability to soothe our souls. Somehow. :)

A lovely sunset to end our 4km+ walk.

More parks to come! 🙌

Thanks @tattoodjay for organising the #WednesdayWalk community and @elizacheng #MakeMeSmile community. I had a great time writing and sharing my walk and smile during my jog and stroll in the park. 😊

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