Walk to remember

Did you have a walk today? Taking a walk for a day seems a little bit hard to accomplish. It's like you need to set a time and alarm just to do it. Especially when you're a working mom.

Having a baby can consume a lot of your time. It can deplete your fixed schedule, and just prioritize him. I'm not complaining as I love having him. I'm just struggling on spending my time outside.

However, this Wednesday seems an accomplishment. I did a walk, just a few steps outside. But it's an achievement, isn't it?

Doing it today seems like a new set of schedules for more walks in the future.

So without further ado, join me as I step outside our little house.

Every afternoon is the end of my shift. I was working online, meaning I'm 8 hours facing a laptop. And taking a walk after that looong hours of sitting and using my eyes on a screen seems refreshing.

I was searching for where to go when this rice field and the spacious greenery caught my attention.

There's also a small kubo where I can sit if ever I want to relax and enjoy the view.

I was walking on this small bridge when the green rice field seems more appealing.

It looks so reviving and freshening. It's like my eyes just relaxed after tiring hours in front of radiation.

And on my right, there comes the sunset.

The color of it is so warm. Everything seems so relaxing.

After appreciating the view, I tried to observe and took a walk on the other side of the place.

The irrigation where children take a bath before became a dumpster now. It's not as clean as I was new here. Plastic waste is everywhere. I don't know if they intentionally throw it there, or if it was carried by the rain.

It just saddened me how this clean irrigation can not be maintained. Well, I cannot blame whoever, as every one of us can be guilty of throwing plastic garbage somewhere. I just hope this picture can be a wake-up call to us not to throw plastic garbage anywhere.

Anyway, back to the sundown... I just take a little more time to capture this moment. And appreciate how beautiful our place would be if we only take time to cherish it.

I'm glad I use my time taking a walk and spending my time outside. It's true, working is an everyday routine. And if we don't use our time well, especially consuming it on nature... Maybe we'll be drained and waste our precious time not appreciating the god given gift — his creations.

That's it for my #Wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. And I hope this also makes you smile @elizacheng.

Disclaimer: All photographs by me, unless otherwise stated.

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