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After taking a dip in the ocean, I was ready to head home. Just so happens I was right by the only path leading to the bay. These barrier islands protecting Long Island are very long but very narrow, so it was a short walk.

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This second picture is just 180 degrees from the first two. You can see the sandy path zig zagging to the bay in the distance. The white sticks have a thin line going between them to warn people not to go passed. These areas in the dunes and before the dunes are protected areas for nesting birds. These birds make nests on the ground that would be easily disturbed from humans walking about.

Don't ask me what kind of birds they are, I just know the government has given them more rights to the ocean area then the local citizens.

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At the bay looking down to the bridge I came over. I decide to walk to the bridge and see if I can get to the parking lot. My Jeep is parked just on the far side of the bridge.

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Someone had made a bench at the shore line. Went over and checked it out. Found it was solidly in the ground. 😎

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Looking back a family had landed from their boat.

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There are deer on these Islands along with ticks, so wise not to wander into tall grass.

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Getting closer to the bridge.

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When this bridge was first built over 50 years ago, my mother took my sister an me along with 3 friends to the beach. That day us kids went to this spot under the bridge, and saw names written with burnt charcoal sticks. We decided to do the same. We found some sticks from where fires had been and added our names. Today graffiti is a lot more advanced..

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On the far side of the bridge was a path through the tall reed grass. Thank goodness would have been a long walk back.

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Short walk up to the parking lot and I can see my white Jeep between the orange cones....


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