The reservoir and it’s hidden Old Bridge ~ Wednesday Walk ~ Charco Redondo Reservoir/ Embalse del Charco Redondo - Southern Spain 🇪🇸

Hi all 👋🏻

Today I want to share some of my adventures of wandering around off the beaten paths in southern Spain 🇪🇸 To be precise: ”The reservoir and it’s hidden Old Bridge ~ Charco Redondo Reservoir/ Embalse del Charco Redondo.” Just above Los Barrios. Driving from Algeciras to Jerez de la Frontera you pass it by.

With this post I’m joining in at the Wednesday Walk challenge and Make me Smile challenge. That are hosted by @tattoodjay and @elizacheng every week on Wednesday.

‼️Have a look: Here in the Wednesday Walk Community if you want to join in! or at @tattoodjay ’s Post: “Wednesday Walk art in progress“
It will tell you also the rules of joining in, at the end of his post about this #wednesdaywalk 😁 Do join us, it’s fun 🤩

Today’s selection will be of 26 photographs, where I take you along on a walk next to the lake/ embalsa.
I visited this area on Friday 18 November 2022 😊
The Photographs in this post are taken with my iPhone 📱

I will follow the time stamps on my photographs. So it looks like you are walking along with me on this #Walk 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 discovering everything and see the little #details through my eyes. 😊

Let me show you first its location on Google maps, see the yellow star ⭐️ :

Let’s start our WALK:
Are you coming along? 😉😊

I went off the main road and hit a small backroad. That would take me on the left side of the main road, where I go under a bridge and park the car.

Let’s start walking 😎
We see this road ahead of us.

We keep walking further and see some buildings on the right. They are guarded by a cute little dog 😉

We walk further until we have an area where we can see the reservoir really well. It is steep down so we stay on the road.
We look over the water and the dried out bits and see this bridge:

The water is low enough to show us an old (normally hidden) Bridge. 🤓😎

Zooming in a bit.

We just see the top part of the arches.

Left side of it.

Right side of it. You see also the old road uncovered by the water.

Whole view.

This bridge was fully uncovered 2 years ago. And #submerged after again. But now after the summer it is showing again. The #water levels are not enough.
This water reservoir is for farm water and the villages. As you can see not enough left.
#Drought is more a common thing the last years than ever before. 😯

Zooming out again for you to see the whole area of this #reservoir.

Even though it’s sad because of the water levels, it is still so beautiful to see the old bridge/ La #antigua #puente. 😎🤩 The surroundings of this setting.

As we walk further, I notice some died plants on the side of the road… I love details as you may know already 😎🤓 so I had to capture them. 📸

Side view of the textures… the intricate details 😎

And we walk further…
Suddenly I spot something. As I’m not sure what it is. I take a closer look:

The top of it.

The bottom side of it.

It is definitely some kind of cocoon 🤓 about 3 cm long.

Very interesting to see… one last capture from afar. 😉

At the far end of this road we decide to walk back to the car. As we know the sun will set soon. 😎

We see some more dried flowers along the road.

I capture them too, as you know #alwaysaflower is needed 🥰 even some weeds are pretty.

We see the reservoir again through the trees…

Some leaves are bright green, such a stark contrast with all the brown around us. 😊

Closer to the car… we see the sun still just reaches the trees…

And shines through them for us. 😊

A little further we reach the car, and say bye bye for now… 👋🏻 Talk soon ☺️

And that’s all for today’s post my friends, join me next time for more #adventures, #stories and #photographs 😎👋🏻 Even some #artworks once in a while will come by 🎨
Thank you so much for looking, and reading. And if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Wednesday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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