Night walk at Mituo Fishing Fort Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Does anyone remember this place?

Yes, the second last picture in my previous blog, Road trip, sunsets and simple meals. That is how we spent our date where I shared our simple date. That was only a glimpse of so for today's #Wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile by @elizacheng. Let me take you on a virtual walk at Mituo Fishing Fort.

Our companions bought some chipay, and we are that spoiled, lol. The couple just told us to walk around and wait, as they knew I love to wander around and take pictures.

Seeing this landmark made me think it would be nice to pass by early in the morning to buy fresh seafood from the local fisherman. What is usually on the market isn't new and affects the tastes.

Thus, I didn't realize it was a fishing fort because the first thing we saw was this.

Aside from that, it was already dark, so only the illuminated areas were visible. It looked like a park, and our companions told us there were a lot of benches here where we could sit to relax and eat.

We found some benches and a few steps from where some attractions for kids.

Like these two characters' statues standing in the middle of the field.

Or perhaps sit here with their friends and enjoy the seesaw? It may not bounce that high, but it is enough to spring back!

If adventurous enough, then perhaps try this short obstacle course. Hmm, why was this doggie left here?

And the park would only be complete with the swing!

The husband and I continued walking around until we came near the seaside. Sounds of the waves as they ascended on the shore was calming. It was something that soothed your nerves and, indeed, gave you good vibes.

Since it was near the park, I assume fences were built around high enough safe for the kids for safety reasons. Yet, they made sure they could glimpse the sea as there were spaces in between.

Oh, you captured our shadows! Could this be good enough as an entry in SMASH?
This was the side facing the park and benches, but this is what you can see on the other side.

Shaded canopies with benches are probably for those possible clients of local fishermen. This is facing the area where they could dock their boats.

From the seashore, the face was spacious enough to hold crowds and transactions.

Near these canopies was the symbolic landmark.

A standee of a fisherman standing in a small fishing boat. Thus, I don't have an idea what this tiger symbolizes.

We were still waiting for our companions, but I had a sudden call of nature, so I asked the husband to accompany me in the comfort room. As I mentioned before, that was not a problem in Taiwan as there are a lot of CRs everywhere with good water supply and tissue.

Walking to the comfort room, the view of the park is here.

See how prepared residents are here? There was already a posted evacuation plan in case of emergency caused by nature.

Of course, I am always amazed with the unique architectural designs of Chinese.

I am still determining what this is for, but it was meticulously designed.

Before returning to the benches, we passed by the fishing boats where we were left is idle.

That's all for today, and I hope you had a great week so far.

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All photos are mine
Footer credit to Sensiblecast

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