It wasn't a painting 😉

Hello everyone!!

I hope so you all are fine and happy 😀

It's a beautiful and peaceful day here, it was evening when i went for the walk in park. Winter's are always peaceful than summer, neither here i see more children's playing in the ground.

I don't know why but today i stuck to one thing in park maybe it look beautiful and attractive to my eyes and i want to capture it in beautiful way. Pine Leaves are beautiful but sometimes location make it more beautiful.

These pinus leaves gives the vibes of a painting with shades of dark and light Colors.

Here these are creating a mess because of interlink with each other and many tree's are combined here in a row which makes a perfect shade for any human.

Here it looks like a fan brush , ooopssss girls can understand the fan brush more clearly because it's used in makeup 😂

On the way i walked and wondering to see the nature, the only thing in my mind was pinus leaves and I wonder to see the natural beauty. As now a days, day's are shorter and i went in late evening, i can't see the sunset through these long trees maybe i was late or sun hiding under the clouds but the fact is that i was late too as people start to turn on light's in the park.

I stayed there for a while and than come back to home, and i want that picture as a painting in my room which i mentioned that gives the vibes of painting and I'll try to find painting of pinus trees of leaves in Market too.

  • That's all for today and it's all about today walk in #Wednesdaywalk community which was started by @tattoodjay. All the pictures were captured by me.

Thank you for your time and support 💫🤍

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