Wednesday Walk: around parking area by the canal.

I often got lost while driving around Bangkok as I rarely went out my way to explore the city by driving. It’s much cheaper and easier to use the underground or skytrain to reach my destination then walking around on foot. Parking space is hard to find around the crowded inner city area and the parking fees are quite expensive. But in the older part of the city where there usually are many temples, one would be able to find parking space inside these temples. The temples need income from parking fees to pay for amenities and expenses. Being temples, the parking fees are usually very cheap and reasonable.




One late morning, after getting lost for hall an hour I decided to find a temple for parking my car so I could continue on foot to my destination. The nice old temple by the old canal is called Wat Mongkut (for short) which has spacious parking area. It’s always much safer to park inside a big temple’s car park as the security is pretty good. So, I was glad to find this temple opened to the public.




My destination was the Ministry of Education where I would join a small demonstration against injection mandate of adults and especially children. I took this opportunity to observe the canal and nearby surroundings as I would rarely come for a walk in this part of old Bangkok. The canal looked quite clean and the old bridge has been renovated. The city administration tried to beautify old parts of Bangkok for tourism.




This area could be compared with White Hall in London where many government departments could be found along both sides of the main road. This road is only a stone throw away from the Royal Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. In the past, civil servants and administrators could get to the meetings with the Kings within less than ten minutes in horse drawn carriages. But I could never find any remnants of old horse stables among old government buildings, except where there were race horses. But I was told that people used to keep horses for their carriages and people could find work in stables.




In some old temples and palaces, I could still find the old platforms for climbing on and off elephants. Siamese people have been using elephants much longer than horses which had to be imported by rich class of people. Then the motor cars ended the era of fine European carriages and horse stables. Only rich people could keep horses for racing or horse riding schools. I had a friend who had two horses and a big farm outside Bangkok. She would go for horse riding during the weekend at her farm, very wealthy family with old money.





The old Siam’s architecture was tastefully developed by the Western educated feudal class of the past. The old bridge with wrought iron had been influenced by English design while the main road was an imitation of Champ Elysee in Paris. Most marble bridges and decorations were imported from Italy as the King’s chief architecture was an Italian. There used to be fountains everywhere in Bangkok in the old days which reminded me of fine Italian influence. Then, one day modernisationed to the disappearance of hundreds of water fountains which were replaced by square traffic lights!




My father use to drive us around to see water fountains around the city at night. These fountains would have colorful light display during the night. No more simple enjoyment at night after the coup to overthrow the monarchy and the beginning of ‘modernisation’ of Thailand in preparation for the Great Reset in the future. It’s rather sad to realuse that several of my friends and acquaintances have been instrumentals in shaping the political, social and financial structures of the country according to foreign headquarters’ master plans. I had to end my friendship and trust for some friends who were no longer patriots. Some relatives said I was stupid to turn away from riches and powerful positions. I missed the good old days of highly educated people with immaculate family upbringing who wanted to keep the country safe from colonisation by spending their wealth on developing Bangkok as a mirror image of famous cities of Europe. The first royal hall of assembly (for getting royalties to get used to democratic debates) was influenced by the design of St. Paul in London. Several old palaces looked very similar to British and French palaces. The old generations of patriots thought that by emulating Western icons, architecture and cultural symbols would somehow gained us some respect and consideration of not being a salvage needing to be enlightened and educated. Hence one of the Kings learned Latin, French, English and astronomy.




The old architecture just made me reminiscing about our history and painful memories of injustice and hidden crime. Looking around the old canal and remaining historical heritage from the past made me wonder what would happen in the near future. The new methods of colonisation were subtle, deadly and effective. Using fear and the dialectic method, unthinking people have been rushing into the deep cavern where they would be doomed forever. A few groups of people have been trying to disseminate factual information hoping to safe the country and people from a serious calamity. We could only try our best and pray hard for Divine intervention. For this is a spiritual war to destroy humanity.




The protest in front of the ministry was very small and peaceful. The minister sent a junior official to accept the open letter from protesters. It was very much good humoured and low key. The police and plain cloth officers had a relaxing day just standing around under the hot sunshine. They were just pawns who would never know what’s really going on in the country. The perpetrators were high ranking officials who had been recruited and sponsored since their college’s years. The rabbit hole runs deep so I could never fathom the whole picture of behind-the-scene realities. Alas, we will be gone into another dimension in a few years, leaving lonesome beautiful artifacts behind hoping there would be a viable future generations who haven’t succumbed to transhumanism. The future of mankind or humanity could become the past humanity and mankind one day!





Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

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