Fruit & Flora Escapade

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Off to the park I went for a walk as I make the effort to add to my daily activity. As I brisked walked I stopped to take pictures of the flowers along the route. Custodian of Wednesday Walk @tattoodjay is an amazing photographer, and I know I am nowhere close to his awesome skills, but still, I'll like to share my humble clicks and hope you enjoy this little fruit & flora escapade;D

This was probably planted by the residents who live on the other side of the fence. We call this fruit Jambu Air also known as Rose Apple. Though one of my favourite local fruits, I did not take any even though it is on federal land, just in case the person who planted the tree was watching me ;p

As a child, I'd pinch the bulbs so I could hear them pop. No, no - I don't do that anymore.

Look at this bougainvillaea! I wish the one in my house would look as happy as this one.

As a child, I'd suck the nectar from these flowers. Again, I don't do this anymore ;p

This flower I have actually never seen before. I am not entirely sure what they are... maybe you can fill me in.

Spider lilies, very common here.

Again, this jackfruit tree was probably planted by a resident on federal land. Sometimes arguments break out over who can pluck these fruits. Does it belong to anyone or only to the person who planted it even though it is on land that does not belong to them? What do you think?

I had to google to find out the name of this flower. I believe it is a Red Ginger. And as you can see the leaves are wet, because it had just rained.

And right after that, I put my phone away so I could continue with my walk. I realise sometimes I am so caught up with getting to my destination, I don't stop to smell the roses, and in this instance to appreciate these little pops of nature magic all around, everywhere.

So if you would like to take part in this challenge, then click on THIS to find out how.

I do appreciate your time & being part of my story <33

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