Dipping My Toes Into DreemPort


A dash to the mall for a printer we went
It was so quiet, a ghost town of an event
Scanning and temperature checks at every entrance
And finally, we saw the shop at a distance

We strutted for closing time was an hour away
We couldn’t afford to miss out as the daughter had said
“Please I need to print my notes by today”
So our mission was to get it, without delay

We had tried to get one online when ours had died
But we couldn’t find one we liked, that used Wifi
Unless of course, we were willing to pay the price
Today, we found out some were buying and reselling online

As the restrictions allowed only so many people inside
I let The Hubs go in, and just walked in circles outside
These fishes kept me company while I thought, I could get 10 thousand steps, all right!!
Only to find out, I must have deleted my actifit app, oh no, aiks!!

Looks like I won’t be winning a Fitbit from @dreemsteem
I hope this can be considered a #wednesdaywalk, well more like a sprint
It did make me smile, can you see my pearly whites under the mask?
I can't win but you can, so off you go to check out Captain Dreemie’s fun task

Ok, ok, this is a filter with the mask because we are now encouraged to wear double masks, so had to improvise :D

We were only allowed 5 persons at a time even though the store was pretty big and empty.

So I chose to wait outside by this aquarium. The mall was pretty empty, so I just kind of paced around while waiting. There weren't many printers to choose from. Apparently, many of the printers were out of stock and they didn't even know when they'd restock.

I saw these super cute portable speakers. So adorable. Didn't take pictures of anything else as we were literally sprinting in and out with blinders on. Besides, it's a mall with most of the places "nothing-to-see-here-folks" shut. I bet I clocked in a decent number with my step count but we'll never know ;p

Thank you for reading,

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