My Wednesday Walk

I've only posted one #wednesdaywalk since being on Hive, so I thought I would do another today. Not that I went far, and I didn't actually walk, more like trundled along on my mobility scooter. I needed to go to the pharmacy to collect a prescription, so I thought I would take some pictures on the way.

It's quite straightforward getting to the town centre from my house. A series of three paths run the half a mile to the town centre. The first photo is of that path. Not very exciting to look at. It's a bit overgrown in places so it's sometimes a matter of trying to avoid the brambles and stinging nettles that overhang it.

I have to pass the local duck pond. This Canada goose decided to come and investigate me. The pond is infested with Canada geese, they create a lot of mess.

I was expecting the trees around the pond to be in their full autumn glory, however most are still green. May be because it's been unseasonally mild. Yesterday I sat in the garden reading and enjoying the sun. So maybe the trees don't realise they should have changed colour by now.

Here are few photos of what we call the Common Pond.

After the pond I trundled up another path that leads to the High Street. This part of the path has flint stone walls. I live about 5 miles from the South Downs. They are chalk downland and were an abundant source of flint. Many of the older houses in the area, particularly nearer the downs are built with flint much like these walls. This isn't used as a building material these days, although there is a modern housing estate locally that has feature flint walls on them. I doubt that they are structural though.

Finally I passed by St Mary's Church which was built in the 15th century, although there is evidence that there has been a church building here since the 13th century. It is a much treasured part of our town's history. Hailsham was little more than a village when I was growing up, although it's officially called a market town, but over the years it's got bigger and bigger. New houses seem to be going up everywhere. So it's nice to have this old church building to remind us of quieter times.

This is a better picture of it that wasn't taken by me. See the credit below.

Photo Credit

So that was my little trip out. I probably won't post a Wednesday Walk very often as I'm limited where I can go. Well, at least until I go out for the day with my wife.

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