Not my day, but I got my shot

It's Wednesday, so where else could I post if not to the Wednesday Walk Community hosted by my friend JJ @tattoodjay.

Not my Day - Stockenboi Waterfall

Not my day, but I got my shot
Stockenboi Waterfall . Carinthia

To be honest, I have driven more than I was walking, but adding all short walks I have done today, you may call it a walk.

Autumn Colors
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So, what's about the title?

Yesterday, Folker @wulff-media has posted a painting based on a photo of the Stockenboi Waterfall I have taken last year I believe: "Waterfall" - A Gouache Sketch.
Because I like the painting somehow more than my photo, I have decided to take a new photo of this waterfall, which is about an hour drive on the way over a mountain pass called "Windische Höhe".
I hope you like what you see, my friend Folker, because it was hard work to get there 😂

Autumn Colors
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Well, on my way to the waterfall this morning I thought that I would be much too early there, changed my plan and drove to Slovenia to shoot the sunrise on the Vršič Pass first. That's a mountain pass I have posted about quite a few times in the past years.

But there were no clouds in the sky what means not much color, although the Alpenglow on the Jalovec mountain was great as always.

Alpenglow on the Jalovec Mountain
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Next I wanted to drive to Italy and from there over the Nassfeld Pass from Italy to the Gailtal Valley in Austria and from there over the Windische Höhe Pass to the "Stockenboi Waterfall". Bad luck again, because almost on top of the pass the road was closed for road works.
Of course, I have seen the sign at the beginning of the road, but I thought they wouldn't work that early ... wrong thought ;)

A little bit of Alpenglow in Italy
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Alpenglow in Italy
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So I had to drive back down to Italy and cross the border to Austria in the valley. I didn't drive directly to Austria though, because there was another mountain pass called "Sella Nevea" where I was hoping to take some nice autumnal photos.

Waterfall on my way to the Sella Nevea Pass
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After the "Sella Nevea Pass" I crossed the border back to Austria and drove towards my desired waterfall. But if you think that I was lucky this time then you have thought wrong, because there were road works also on the pass road over the "Windische Höhe" - road closed half way up.

Trees lit by the morning sun
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But as you could read in the title, I got my shot: there was a crossing where the road was closed and I could use the other road to drive to the valley the pass road leads to, which is the "Drautal / Drau valley". This time the luck was with me and I could get to the "Stockenboi Waterfall". The trees were still in beautiful Autumn colors and the sun hadn't reached the waterfall yet.

Stockenboi Waterfall
Stockenboi Waterfall
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This waterfall isn't easy to photograph - between me and what you see in the images is a road, behind me is a little river and to my right is the stream from the waterfall, but I think I got the best out of the situation ... I will try it again though.

Stockenboi Waterfall
[click for fullsize]
Stockenboi Waterfall
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I have had much to do in the past weeks, so I haven't been in the right mood nor had I enough time to make posts here. This week I'm off work, but I try to get out and take photos every day, so I have even less time. But if everything goes as planned, I will have less work in a couple of weeks (additional co-workers, finished projects), what means I will have more time ... hopefully.

Well, that was it for today, I hope you enjoyed the little journey I have had this morning.


Wikipedia Links:
Vršič Pass
Windische Höhe Pass
Sella Nevea
Naßfeld Pass

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