Wednesday Walk - Visiting the Montebello Design Centre

Hi everybody on HIVE and especially the Wednesday Walk community. I am writing to you from Cape Town, South Africa. Usually I work from home, but today I actually went into my office in Claremont...

To cut the workday in half, at lunchtime I decided to go on an adventure to Montebello - a famous place in the area aimed at creativity! There are many art studios, and you can even get art lessons there...

There are restaurants, honey shops, ceramics, craft beer, fresh vegetables... you name it! It takes a little walk to explore it all, so here I go...

Watching men hard at work creating sculptures out of wood

It looks as if the ground is covered in sawdust

Coffee and fresh vegetables

Some much needed sunlight - we've had some pretty cold weather in Cape Town recently (by our standards anyway!)

Ah, now we're talking... and the real reason I came! I'm passionate about music and was hoping to find a rainstick at this shop that specializes in crafting African instruments like marimbas and mouth-bows

Drums hanging from the ceiling!

They even had an old valiha - a bamboo zither instrument from the islands off East Africa. I actually already have one of these, and recently shared a HIVE post with a video of me playing mine here: @jasperdick/music-live-video-wacky-instruments

Unfortunately, this shop didn't have a rainstick for me! I know another place in Cape Town that is worth a try, and will also involve a beautiful walk... Maybe next time?

Never mind, it was still a great way to cut the workday in half! I must be sure to do it again next time I'm in the office!


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