#TravelHongKong: Walking Along Restaurants Street in Central

September 7, 2022

It's humpday Wednesday, I hope it won't be a humpy day. Glad I could slack here on Wednesday Walk community by @tattoodjay. This is probably my first post here if I'm not mistaken. If I didn't do it before, pardon me. I hope I can be forgiven. See the rhymes? Oh, never mind.

It's a good day, let's have a walk. If you haven't yet, go out and let's talk. A perfect place for it, do you have in mind? I do know some, a lot of choices to unwind.


Central, the capital city of Hong Kong. What do you think about it? Rich, expensive, skyscrapers, tourists, foreigners, shopping malls, and of course, restaurantes! No puedes irte de la ciudad sin visitar uno.


I was exploring Central one day when I came across this certain part of Mid-level Central and all I saw was food, I mean, restaurants. Don't ever walk here with an empty stomach, or it might go wild once the aroma of food goes into your nostrils. In case you have some cash in your wallet, then it's not a problem.

Mind me, if you want to dine in, HK$100 isn't enough 😂. You should ready your credit card with Hong Kong dollars! I wonder if there are restaurants here accepting cryptocurrencies, but I only know of one, which is in another city.

Central is also a place of the corporate world so expect to see a lot of foreigners, either residents, tourists,or businessmen. Since different people are in this city, there are different restaurants too.

Some restaurants that people, especially tourists love to visit are, of course, Chinese restaurants to taste Chinese cuisine. You can't just leave Hong Kong without trying traditional Chinese cuisine. Roasted peking duck, char sui (Chinese pork barbecue), steamed chicken, dumplings, vermicelli, and more are just some I have in mind once I think of Chinese cuisine.


Apart from Chinese, there are other Asian restaurants too like Japanese, Thai, and Korean restaurants in this area.



One thing that I noticed while walking along the streets of Central is that there are a lot of Italian restaurants. If you love Italian pasta, then this is the perfect place for you. Not just pasta, but pizza and other Italian cuisines too.



You could see Italian restaurants and bars on all corners, even in narrow alleys that you wouldn't expect to see restaurants too.


I came across Santorini too. Of course, it's the restaurant, not the place. I wish I could visit the real one though. That's one on my bucket list. I so love the ambiance just looking at Santorini restaurant, inspired by Santorini in Greece. Along this street are more restaurants and cafes too.


Italian-American cuisine, have you tried yet? Franks is here to serve them. The owner seems to have occupied the whole place as it also has a bar, and lounge, apart from the restaurant. This building also has other restaurants and bars on other floors, the lower one, for instance, has a Japanese restaurant.



From Asian to Italian, looking for some Mid-Eastern and Indian cuisine? Ebeneezer is here. There are a lot of Indian residents in Hong Kong too, so Indian restaurants can be found at any place in HK. For sure you want to try their spicy curry.


What about dome Mediterranean cuisine? Maison offers it. It's a restaurant that offers Lebanese, Mid-Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. This restaurant was rated 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and says to serve vegetarian and gluten-free cuisines too. I should try eating here next time since I have gluten intolerance.


I passed by this street and saw some Filipinas chilling inside this bar and grill restaurant. I hope I can bring my friends here too someday.



Central isn't just a place of different kinds of restaurants serving Asian, Western, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines, but a place of bars and pubs too.


It's a perfect place for night outs! At night, you could see a lot of tourists and foreigners in different corners with bars and pubs having a blast. Ahm, you could think of anything when I said, "having a blast." I don't want to make it detailed but there are a lot of stories here about people going wild at night at the bars and pubs 😂.



There are a lot of Cafes in Central too where you could just sit down, enjoy your coffee or tea, and relax for a while having chitchat with friends.


Restaurants here are open any day of the week, so it's the perfect spot for family and friends gatherings, especially on weekends. But again, as I have said above, bring a lot of cash when visiting Central and you want to dine in. Or else, you'll end up just sightseeing those eating 😂.


That's all for Wednesday Walk today. "The Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay. The idea is to get out for a short walk and get some shots of what you can."

Thanks for stopping by and happy Wednesday Walk!

(All photos are mine)



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