Art Cafe: My Favorite Weekend Hot Spot (WE129)

27th November 2022

New weekend, new Weekend-Engagement Concept. The topics for this week are interesting, of course, as always, from @galenkp's brilliant mind. Among all the topics, I chose the Weekend Hot Spot. Who doesn't like it anyway?

Weekend hot spot
Showcase your favorite weekend hot spot. It could be a coffee shop, café, burger joint, bar, pub, bakery, or any place where food and drinks are served. Explain why you like it in at least 400 words. Any photos you use in this post must be ones you personally took and must be of the actual place you're writing about.

There are several Asian and Western I visited here in Hong Kong and have tried different cuisines. When I like eating Japanese sushi, I just visit Genki. When I want some Italian cuisine, such as pasta, pizza, and some salad, Seizeriya is just a few walks from our place. But for cafes, I only visited a few. Most of the time, I am dining in Cafe de Coral which I don't consider a cafe, but rather a Chinese restaurant. I have never been to a bar here, but I am curious about how it looks inside and want to visit one someday. But I definitely won't go into any pubs. I don't want to get caught in surprise raids, lol.

Among a few cafes I visited, there is one I visited just last weekend that became my favorite. It is the CURATOR Creative Cafe located in M+ building at Cultural District in Kowloon.


It looks like a typical cafe as you see it from the outside. But as you entered the place, you will be mused by the displayed stuff, and how creative the place is.


The cafe is just a section of the art shop. A lot of curated artwork and carefully selected branded products are being sold in this shop. I love art, and that's the main reason why this become my favorite hot spot. A place that I wouldn't be bored visiting again and again. Anyone can wander inside the shop while for orders. It is free to the public, not just to customers.


Although it only has a few seats inside the cafe and can easily be taken, especially during holidays, there are more seats and open tables located outside the shop, and some tables along the promenade.


Aside from the artistic and creative place, and great ambiance, I love the taste of their snacks and matcha latte which is my favorite drink flavor. The food is far way better than the ones I tasted from an Italian restaurant worth more than a hundred dollars. At least, I learned from that experience, and the next time I did food haunting, I made sure to check reviews online first before dining in the place.


Instead of waiting for other customers to vacate their seats inside the cafe, I would rather stay outside as it has a better view overlooking the promenade, the skyscrapers of HK cities on the opposite side of the island, and people having fun on the place: cute pets passing by with their owners, kids strolling and skating, parents and kids bonding, and couples dating.


It also has a perfect spot to wait for the sunset. This was my favorite part.


So after I visited this place, it became my favorite hot spot. Not just because the food tastes great and the artwork in the place, but also because it is located in a cultural district where there are a plethora of attractions to visit. There is an art park where visitors could set up their mats or tents and relax the whole day. There are different museums in the area too. And it's definitely a place I would visit again and again.

That's all for today's blog. Happy weekend 😊.

(All photos are mine)

In case you want to see what's inside this cafe and shop, you can check it here:




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