A Walk To Asian Field With 200K Human Clay Figures


May 17, 2023

Happy humpday #WednesdayWalk community and to its host @tattoodjay in collaboration with #MakeMeSmile hosted by @elizacheng. Today, I'll give you a not-so-typical walk to Asian Field and be amazed by the 200K clay human miniatures.

This is still part of my virtual tour to M+ Museum, Asia's first global museum. There are a lot of art galleries to visit here with different artworks of different renowned artists from all parts of the world. Some of the galleries have already been posted here. You can check the Vision in Motion, an incredible visual/digital art exhibition of Nalini Malani which illustrates social injustice, women's abuse, trauma, and others projected on the chamber's facades, inspired by her personal experiences. Another one is the Crucified TVs: Not A Prayer In Heaven (and Simulated Suicide Project) of two different artists. Both have different interpretations, you can check them if you want to see the art exhibitions.

These two are just some of the incredible art exhibitions in the M+ Museum. For today's blog, I'll share with you, yet another amazing art exhibition by a renowned artist.

They call it, "Asian Field by Antony Gormley". His projects started in 1989 and the one in M+ is the sixth series of his Field project which is located inside a museum, not in an open space.

A small fact about the artist, Antony Gormley is a British artist who uses the same approach, allowing individuals from a certain community of his choice to engage in his project by helping him mold body figures using the same medium which is locally sourced clay. (just click the link for the reference)

A video about the five intensive days of molding the clay figures was played at the entranceway.

This Asian Field consists of clay figures molded by three hundred villagers in Xiangshan village, China. Those sculptures occupy the whole space of one of the galleries in M+ l which serves as the threshold. All of them are hand-sized and handmade by the local community which took them five days to complete the 200K figures. The result was incredibly amazing and real masterpiece. This field, by the way, is the biggest field among the Field series which reflects a large territory and population of China.

Among all the art galleries, this has the longest queue which shows how ambitious and incredible the artwork is. And by looking at the collective clay body figures, you would feel like thousands of eyes were looking back at you. You would definitely feel admiration toward the artist and local community that collab to make this project one of a kind.

In the adjacent room were the photos of 300 villagers who joined in making the project alongside the images of sculptures they made. They were part of a local community of all ages from different generations. There were kids, teens, adults, and grandparents.

The other side was the interactive room where visitors could draw any figures inspired by the clay sculptures. Kids were mostly those making art inspired by the Asian Field supported by their guardians. Some teens and adults took part as well and drew their own masterpieces that were later displayed on the wall facing the Asian Field.

This project truly is one of a kind combining art and sculpture while engaging with the community. Those figures can be seen from a different angle as different individuals placed on the same ground for the same purpose, such as raising awareness about humans' roles in humanity and responsibilities in protecting the earth for the next generation, or a community raising their unheard voices and wanting to be heard by whom they intended their message to be sent. What'd you think so? Every picture tells a story, and you can make your own interpretation out of the photo of Asian Field with clay figures.

That's all for now. Feel free to read about other art exhibitions in this Museum by tapping the given links in the intro of this post.

You can check the attached links for references

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