From entrance of KLCC Park to Shoppes 👣👣👣

As much as we love nature, no doubt we also love buildings specifically malls. We are officially city people. Both my husband and I wanted to visit a mall which sort of re-opened but with new name.

Shoppes at Four Seasons Place

We had been hearing that Shoppes is an extinguished atrium mall offering a unique lifestyle and experience. Also, it has specially handpicked retail brands, exquisite restaurants, cafés, and more, so I will definitely NOT going to shop here. But, for a walk, it was alright. Also we wanted to try the food at their famous food court, known as Food Village, but I shall not include food photos here.
img_0.6441317401996088.jpgPhoto is taken from Wikipedia because I did not get to walk across the road to view the whole front side of building.

However, I did get to see the behind, which is their hotel called Four Seasons Hotel. So, I captured this instead.


We parked at another car park as we missed our turning to the mall's carpark. However, we were thinking, let's kill two birds with one stone. Shoppes is located just beside the KLCC park, so we walked passed the beginning part of the park to the mall.

Always must selfie with KLCC Twin Tower


There is always this grand and majestic feeling whenever I look at KLCC Twin Tower at nearer view. Maybe also because I was bluffed or sort of pulling my legs by one of my friends (now my husband) saying this was called iron corn cobs, I truly believed it, hence I have close relationship with Twin Tower. Lol... I didn't grow up at Kuala Lumpur, so I wasn't aware).


Such beautiful design of the towers. Stunning!

In love with KLCC park too, of course. But we were not going to walk at this park today, but we managed to walk at the front side and I took some photos.







To the mall: Shoppes


We were greeted by the entrance of the mall with Hari Raya design since it was Raya celebration and season. I was captivated by the flower design that I only captured this and not the whole entrance. Ops, sorry...

By the time I wanted to snap photo of the whole entrance, husband and two boys were already inside the mall and out of my sight, so I ran in to catch up.


Saw them at the center of the mall, with other Raya designs.


Apparently, there would be some catwalk showcasing all the Raya traditional costumes one of the nights, hence the design and the walkway.

So so love the black and white checked pattern. I don't play chess but I love this kind of pattern (and other black and white) since young whether in my fashion or art. Are you the same too?



Captivated by the golden flowers.


There was also a van nearby, I guess will soon be opened for selling stuff?


My reflection from the shiny van


Then, the youngest suddenly looked up and "Wow...!"

Such huge long TV screen



The husband wanted to visit washroom so we sat down at the tables and chairs provided for awhile while looking at the TV and miscellaneous.


Love the purple flowers


My turn to washroom

Mandatory washroom photo

Anyone like me? Like to take beautiful clean, nice smell washrooms at the mall?


We walked around the malls and spotted some really elegant higher end kind of restaurants. Most of them were nicely decorated.







One thing I really loved about this mall is it provides ample seats for public to sit down whenever we are tired. So, visitors will not face the problems of no-place-to-sit. And the mall is really clean and spacious and comfortable to walk.


The Malay traditional costume for Hari Raya



One of the stuff which #makemesmile was this wood poster at one of the restaurants. My eldest actually read the words out loud and said our family 'pass the test'. Big LOL.


Then he found a pillar suited him the best because he said the words 100% ran through his veins.


Also, I got to pair with my husband. I love wearing same colour with him. Felt nice walking together when it felt like couple wear. My son said I #syioksendiri, means I got excited by myself only. That's what life is for, right? Find every little thing which makes you smile. Or just laugh at your ownself. Hahaha.


That's about it for today's blog. Thank you @tattoodjay for #WednesdayWalk initiative and @elizacheng for #makemesmile initiative. Hope you enjoy looking around here at Shoppes, plus hope my makemesmile makes you smile too.

Thank you for reading. Stay bubbly. Stay hopeful.


❤️Love from me❤️

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