Wednesday Walk - Visiting a Hindu-Balinese garden

Hi, my dear friends and Hive family. Today I want to share my experience last Wednesday with my big sister. At that time my sister asked me to accompany her on a walk out of the house. However, she didn't know where she was going. It seems that she is constantly bored at home with his 3-year-old daughter. I also took them on my motorbike to a park which is located quite far from home. The place to visit is T-Garden. A Hindu-Balinese theme park in my city today.

I don't know whether T-Garden is a place of worship for Hindus or not, but that doesn't matter to me. the most important thing is to bring my sister and daughter to enjoy a beautiful and green place. Because in my city, there are very few Hindus. The trip from my house to T-Garden takes 2 hours by motorbike. Arriving at the gate, yellow banners adorn the outside area. Flowers, fountains, and red umbrellas also look beautiful in front of the gate.

When you enter, there is a path that is surrounded by beautiful plants. Around it, some trees make this place quite cool and the air is fresh. Very different from the city atmosphere filled with hustle and bustle, traffic jams, and air pollution. Here, I like being in a village of the past. It's very quiet and peaceful here.

After about 5 minutes of walking, we found a hut made of wood. Looks like it's a place to relax and rest. Inside the hut, there is also an old chandelier. There is also a hanger that makes a sound when exposed to the wind (I don't know the name).

We continued walking through the garden and looked down. I saw a small Pura and was curious to see it in person. Btw, Pura is a place of worship for Hindus in Java and Bali. Inside this pura there is a rectangular wood with red ornament carvings. Outside the pura there are also 2 guard statues on the right and left sides. I also took some photos of the location of the temple.

After being satisfied in the Pura area, my stomach felt hungry. I asked my sister to find a place to eat in this T-Garden area, and we walked through this place up and down the stairs. It feels tired but satisfied with the peace that exists in this place. In the end, we arrived at a restaurant that may be the only one in this place. I ordered the special fried noodles and my sister ordered the grilled chicken and rice. The food is quite good. Feels like cooking in Bali. In my opinion, the owner of this park is Balinese. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very good, everything is made of wood. I was attracted by the tables and chairs that were in the form of a cube, made of wooden sticks arranged to form a cube.

After finishing eating, I took pictures around the restaurant where there was a fish pond and statues with Hindu-Balinese nuances there. This area is indeed very peaceful and calming. I think this place is perfect for taking selfies or taking photos of models in traditional clothes. I feel I have been in the era of the Hindu kingdom of the archipelago.

After that, we headed to the lowest place, namely a small river that was there. I sat by the river enjoying the atmosphere here. I think it would be perfect to sit by the river drinking coffee. But, I don't want to have to go up again to order coffee at the restaurant. So, I just enjoy it while smoking. Because I haven't smoked before and my mouth tastes sour if I don't smoke. ha ha ha 😅

So, in conclusion, this place is perfect for anyone tired of city conditions filled with traffic jams, pollution, and noise. This place offers peace, beauty and serenity. The air here is very cool and fresh because there are still many trees that grow here. If you have watched films about the kingdom of the archipelago, you will feel the atmosphere when the Hindu kingdom still dominated the archipelago. Very peaceful.

All photos are my shots

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