Heavy rain on Wednesday

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. I want to tell you a little about my experience last Wednesday. So, at that time the weather in my city was very cloudy. I was called by my neighbour to go to the optician to buy contact lenses for her to wear during Eid al-Fitr. When I was getting ready to go to the optics, it was raining very hard. In front of my house waiting for the rain to stop. But the rain was getting heavier. For 15 minutes I waited finally the rain stopped falling. However, the sky still revealed dark overcast clouds. I'm afraid it will rain again.



The photo above while I was waiting for the rain to stop in front of the house

When the rain stopped, I pulled out my motorbike and headed to optics to buy my neighbour's contact lenses. My hunch is that it will rain again. So, I pulled the gas motor so hard that my bike went fast. On the way, my hunch turned out to be right. It was raining again very hard. I took shelter in a shop that was closed. Because I didn't bring a raincoat, I finally waited for the rain to stop for half an hour. After that, I continued my journey back to buy contact lenses at optics.



The two photos above are when I was taking shelter in a shophouse to wait for the rain to stop


After finishing buying contact lenses in optics, the sky was clear again and it didn't rain again. I was given 25K Rupiah or 1.7 Dollars. After that, I made a cappuccino sachet to warm my body a little which had just been hit by the rain on Wednesday. Thank you for taking the time to read my unimportant writing.

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