Wednesday Walk- Trip to Damai Beach Resort as Our Annual Reunion Trip!

Well it has been a long while since I last written a post because I have been caught up with many many agenda and one of them is surely this!

A Family Reunion!

In conjunction with the school holidays here in Malaysia the past week, I planned a family trip back hometown to Kuching, Sarawak where my side of the family reside at. It was such a perfect coincindence when every aibling of mine could also make it home at the SAME time!!!

So we decided to have a short getaway at a beach resort 30-minute drive away from home. It is a nostalgic place because my parents brought us there when we were young and we also went with our friends for some stays during our secondary school days. This beach resort is known as Damai Beach Resort.

Damai Beach Resort

This place is located at one of the tips of the Borneo island facing the South China Sea, under the Mount Santubong. It is a very short walk away from its own beach so I like that the beach is so accessible easily. The last I came was 6 years ago with the husband and my eldest when he was just 2 years old. He too enjoyed the beach that time.

Coming back this time with the whole family is even more meaningful. We booked 3 rooms and they are now very strict with head counts. In the end, we had 4 persons in one room, according to our family.

Before checking in, my nephew already went swimming with his dad and my 2 boys pestered me to bring them to the beach to start building their sandcastles at a very hot time like 2pm. They were not bothered at all by the heat. I sprayed them with some sunscreen and off we went. The sand was even burning at that hour of the day. There were no one at the beach except for crazy people like us and another two women sunbathing.

Nevertheless, the boys enjoyed themselves and I ran to the sea to fetch them pails of water.

After that we went back to our respective rooms once our rooms were ready. I like the paths walking to the rooms. Our rooms were just standard rooms overlooking some chalets which I used to stay.

The boys remarked that they loved the rooms! Look at their pleased faces.

Then we took naps and me waking up earlier than them, I went for a beach walk with my parents and siblings. It was nice to spend time with them with my own children still sleeping in the room and not calling for me.

We went to the beach and took some photos together. My dad reminded that the weather is now very fine and I should wake my children to come down to play.

After I went back to prep them, we were happily heading towards the swimming pool when suddenly a downpour came. We took shelter under some hut and gazebo but we managed to make it to the pool for a while before the rain came again. So the lifeguard signalled us to get back to our rooms.

Dinner was some fast food from a local food chain that I am fond of, Sugarbun. In my opinion, they serve the best fried chicken!!!! Then we had dinner and hung out in my parent's room for quite some time. We even had mooncakes that I brought over from KL.

The next day

We woke up rather early the next day to catch the breakfast buffet before the crowd comes in. So I was so happy to eat my Sarawak laksa which is rice vermicelli cooked in some rich prawn broth. It was very delicious.

My boys had waffle and some cereals and potatoes.

After breakfast, we went to take our beach toys for sandcastles building. Before playing, we decided to have some simple photography session since it is so rare to have almost the full family together though we were missing my sis-in-law.

Here are some of the photos taken.

Then we decided to go to the beach for a change of background.

The children could not wait to play so we had to make it quick and grant them their desires to build sandcastles.

Little did I know, the expert builder was actually my husband who did it effortlessly. Wow!

Then we went to soak our feet in the sea and my brother entertained the younger boys by carrying them over the waves when they hit the shore.

After all the beach play, the children wanted to play at the swimming pool so we changed them into their swimming attire and headed for the pool. The westher today was a bit cloudy but cooling.

After rounds of pool play, finally it was time to pack up and leave the premise as we needed to check out by 12pm.

Really love time spent with family especially in a place where it has stored many memories for my younger self. Being in KL, it is hard for us to get access to the beach so I finally managed to bring the boys to the beach! Though the place is a bit older, it is generally maintained and gave us quite a comfortable stay. I believed all of us enjoyed ourselves! Thanks for reading my #wednesdaywalk!

Thanks for all the good memories, Damai!

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