A Stroll Through Kale at Night, Skopje 🚶Night Walk Home

It's been a while since I've posted here and I've missed you guys! (and gals, we're all-inclusive here no worries 😉).

Today's gonna be slightly different than the other posts that I've done. For one thing, it's at night 😱 I know, spooky. For another it's not as directed and laser-focused as my other posts.

It's literally just me walking home from my gym. I took a different route than I usually would (since I usually go through the old bazaar and I've already shown you how that looks like). So I took a little detour for my people on the Hive webs.

I don't want anyone ever saying I don't care about my people! Or my content. But mostly my people!

Onwards! 🚶

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You guys have already been here (kind of). My gym is near the City Wall, which is quite a ways off from where I live but the gyms in my area are just plain bad. So we deal!

I hope these pictures come off well. I'm nervous since they were taken at night. 😅

It is at this point that I got a phone call from momzy, and skipper photographing the next leg of the journey. 😅

But I know you. Hey. Look at me. I know you... And I know you're imagination has no bounds, so follow me...

Exiting the center is this big luxurious bridge, with statues of revolutionaries on each side. Crossing said bridge you are at an impasse. One way leads towards the old Bazaar, and the other leads to the Kale.

And that is where our story continues...

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So Kale literally means Forty in English. 😂 It's a fort made in the 10th Century by Tzar Samuil, who ruled this region at that time.

Fun fact: The Church in Tsarigrad, also known as Constantinople, or Istanbul today, would not accept Samuil's reign. So the King had to seek a blessing from the other major religion, i.e. the Pope, who crowned Samuil as a Tzar. Tzar and Emperor are on the same level, same as Sultan, just FYI.

As I walk home, I walk opposite the Kale. As we get further along the path it gets smaller and smaller.

The Kale will get its own dedicated post as it deserves it. Today we will look at the commercial side of it.


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The other side of the Kale is night to its day. It looks over one of the bigger underpasses in the city, as well as the square where a lot of the government buildings lie.

I'm pretty proud of this next shot. Looks like something out of Need for Speed Underground. 😁

As for the street itself it'ss tacked with shisha cafes, bars and clubs. These are usually quiet during the day, but at night they come alive! 😱

This whole section you are seeing and about to see connects through several ways with the Old Bazarr.

And as we move past this more commercial area we enter the residential side of things.

This is where the walk gets more quiet and lonely. 😅

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BUT FIRST! We got a park to go through! Waaaaaa😲

This park marks the end of the Bazaar and Commercial side section as we move into the Residential area. Of course, before we get there we gotta pass through some embassies and former academic buildings. 🙌

The other side of the street (the Kale side) is mostly just a park. When I do the Kale post I will show you the museum on the other side of said park.

We turn a right here and we are almost back in familiar territory!

And when I say familiar I mean we've already been here! And look! I can prove it! Since I've already taken this shot in my Old Bazaar post during the daytime. ☀️

And tada! The rest of my journey you've mostly seen as this connects back to Serava. So you guys (and galls of course) are getting real familiar with where I live. 🤗

I hope you guys enjoyed this stroll as much as I did! I also hope the night images weren't so bad. Some were. But some were also gems. 💎😉

Not sure where we'll go next week, but I reckon I'll find something interesting.

Obligatory shout-out to the 🍕PIZZA🍕 gang, 🤙 gang. 🤙

All pictures taken by me using an iPhone 11.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have a great rest of your week. 😌

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