Me Time - A day in my life !

Happy Thursday everyone !
Outings are much needed when you need a change in life , a change that is necessary.
Taking care of one own’s self is very much needed , for me whenever I feel that now its time for an outing and I don’t find anyone to go with me due to there busy schedule, I end up going alone ! This time I and my sister went for an outing .
I was planning to go with all my cousins but everyone was having a busy day , so I and my sister went to a club .

If you are ever travelling to Surat,India📍please visit this place . It is located in Avadh near the Airport. Utopia provides us with hotel services , the only limitation to it is that only its members can enter . For outsiders the allowance is based on referrals .

We directly hopped to the game centre as we wanted to do bowling and some Other games ! Basically we had planned to go to game zone and then to eat pizza ! So , we went to the game zone !

The entrance towards the game zone !

Just as we enter the game zone , there is this aesthetic baground area (see below).

Also this piece of decor was pretty eye catching!

Flowers , always pleases me ! Trust me they looked so beautiful.

Finally , talking about one of the most intresting part which was playing Bowling . I just love the lights and the bowling track always make my mood cheerful.
Are you a bowling person ?

It was weird as we were only two persons to play but luckily we got the entry as it was not much crowded .
We sat for some time and had coffee
The ambiance was so good , here you can see how beautiful each corner is !

Finally , it was time for some yummy pizza , we went to La Pino’z Pizza !
Had Peri Peri pizza 🍕and it was delicious!

It was kind of cheat day for me as i ended up having so many calories, but sometimes it’s okay. Isn’t?

It was a nice day !
Also, captured this !

(5:47 pm )

(6:21 pm)

All the content is mine unless otherwise stated.
All the images are from my IPhone unless otherwise stated .

I hope you enjoyed reading it !
(It is my first time posting in this community )


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