Adventurous walk to my humble village.

Hi great people,
I've been wanting to be a consistent contributor to this darling platform. This is my first post and I believe I will be encouraged to get addicted and give my quota for sustainable development.

Wednesdays are said to be the mid of a week which is also important to certain personalities.
In the country where live, in this raining season the early sun normally shines small.

I had a cruise walk to my niche where my father and grandfather hailed from. Before the take off, you could see me looking good.

My humble bubbling and getting set.
Village here I come.
Part of the preparation.
The village is actually an outskirts of the town. It's characterised by good trees, some lagoon and rivers, very conducive atmosphere and lively people.

The environment seems greenish because of the season we are in.

The trees and shrubs are just appealing to the eyes. The trees you can see is used as an electric pole. It could also be used as timber and importantly a raw material for paper production.
Sometimes you wonder why God blesses such a village with that natural resources?
The green leaves are vital in feeding some livestock. Hmmm in summary this tree has so much economic value.
Wow see nature here. The brownish like area was cultivated and ready for planting. There different roads that could lead to the stream.

Taking a walk to see the village with my kindred.

Take a close look at the picture above you see a river though the trees might be blocking one side. Hmmm so beautiful as if I should just camp there with my family.

This this very dirty. It was caused by the rain. A lot of fishes can be harvested from here. I saw one communard drinking the water.

I decided to snap this environment because I like it.

This walk was more of an adventure for me because of the attractive features I saw.

I really enjoyed my day.



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