a short wednesday walk

it is a beautiful september evening and i had a short day at work so i am taking a quick walk before dinner. actually the main goal of the walk is to find some suitable shots for the photochain contest. this week the photos must include a reflection and some white color along with something to choose as a keyword for next week if i manage to win.

the town gardener responsible for beautification of our little town is a friend of mine. she lives just down the street and does a wonderful job keeping flowers along the streets. it is getting late in the season but these petunias are still looking great.

we live at the end of the street which has a commanding overlook of the harbor. like almost all of the houses in the center of towm, our house is just off the street with no front lawn. instead the town owns a small plot with some benches for folks to sit and enjoy the view.

zooming in on the shack and dock of the sea rescue boat. presently the boat is out on a mission

further to the left is a nice reflection of dockside restaurant which has already closed down because the summer guests have all gone back home and there aren't many boats coming in to dock.

as many times before, my walk is to the historic naval base which is now a charming park with a focus on cultural activities. there are extensive lawns on the premises where one can often find mushrooms

like these clusters of young puffballs

here along the canal there are still a few small boats. the grand old stone house is now home to a series of art galleries.

standing on the dock facing the sea is a good spot to photograph the scenic bridge over the canal. crossing it takes one to the shipyard where naval vessels were built back in the days of wooden sailing ships.

autumn leaves have fallen on the grass before the bridge. the structure to the left is a crane that was use to load and unload the ships at dock.

the view from under the bridge looking out toward the citadelle island about 1 km out to sea. the first of several old shipyard buildings now house a friend's art gallery and a cafe.

a couple of shots of the bridge taken from the dock along the other side of the canal

this one zoomed in a little. that is as far as i am going this evening. my wife is making dinner today and it should be ready fairly soon so time to head back.

walking on the grass by the sea i came upon a group of champignons. it is safe to pick these. this was this oldest, the others were too young to pick but i will return in two days. with any luck they will still be there and not yet full of bugs. here so close to the sea they tend to be less infested with bugs so i am hopeful.

standing by the sea on the lawn near the park entrance one can see back to the harbor and beyond.

passing some more boxes of well kept colorful petunias

and soon i am back at my entrance which is from the backside of the house. some of the flowers growing in the cracks between the slate slabs are ones we have sown but there are two sunflowers that came up as quite a surprise. they are not particularly tall as they get no care but it very nice to see them greet us by the door.

after dinner i went through these photos to make this post and to choose one for the photochain contest. that was not so easy but i landed on this one with my keyword: van

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