A Rainy Walk along the Canal

After a break in the rainy weather, we had a stroll down the towpath on the Chesterfield Canal. The good thing is, canal walks are always flat!

We passed the lovely canal boat, Madeline, which was built by a local school in Eckington nearly ten years ago. The Canal Trust purchased her in 2020. Madeline can carry 12 passengers and you can buy a trip on her with afternoon tea.

It started to rain again but it made all the colours pop.

There were lots of blackberries, rose hips, and a few sloe berries along the side of the towpath. A forager's delight!

The field maple is similar to the sycamore. They turn a lovely golden colour when autumn approaches.

The rain was getting heavier, so we decided to call it a day and walk back.

I couldn't believe how many little snails we spotted on our return.

There were also some big slugs! As there was the odd jogger and cyclist braving the weather, I thought this slug might get squished. I put a leaf on the ground, hoping it would slither on to it. It worked! I then pulled the slug and leaf into the side to safety.

You do meet some good characters along the towpath. Today was no exception. A man with an umbrella and a coat on was walking towards us, but as he got closer, I noticed he was bare chested! Quirky characters make the world go around, I

Even though we got wet, it was still a pleasant hours walk. Hopefully, next time, we can cycle down as previously planned.

#wednesdaywalk is initiated by @tattoodjay.

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