On The Stairs, Up and Down

I'm still under the impression of my most recent trip this summer, very recent considering that summer has just started. Astronomically, summer started today, the longest day of the year!

I'm referring to the trip that ended a few days ago. A three-day holiday in one of the most interesting cities in Romania. Sibiu, the former capital of Transylvania (1692-1791).

Also called "City with eyes", because of the small windows, two each, on the roofs of the houses.


The three days in Sibiu were three days full of walks. Three days for discovering the city or for reminiscing, because I have been here a few times before, but never stayed more than a day.

The old center, the city center, is the main attraction. It is a part of the city where the vast majority of the houses are many hundreds of years old, some are even from the 13th century!

This city center consists of the Upper City and the Lower City. Access from one side to the other is done through many sloping streets but, especially, through a few stairs, as if you were going upstairs... or going downstairs.





In the Old Town there are several squares, each with its own importance and beauty. This staircase leads from the Golden Square, a small square that I've only just discovered and has become my favourite, and the Small Square.



The Golden Square is a small and hidden square, without the crowds of other squares. That's exactly why I like it, because it's a bit crowded and because there's a café here.


The Golden Square is in the Lower Town. To get to the Upper Town we climbed the staircase, which ends at the Little Square. On the stairs I noticed two young people. Tourists, because I saw that they were guided by the map in their phone. Very young and cute, they caught my attention and I managed to photograph them without disturbing them.







I love watching people on the street. I like to photograph them but it's not easy, because many people don't like it. Fortunately, Sibiu is a tourist city, the inhabitants are used to taking pictures and so are the tourists. I had no problem photographing whatever I wanted!


Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors that I can easily make.


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