❀My Wednesday Walk with 2 Beloved Guardian Angels! πŸ˜‡πŸ’š


Beautiful evening!🌷
Happy New month!
How are you all?
I hope you are all fine and happy together with your friends, loved ones, and family!πŸ’š.

First Wednesday walk of September! Hehe some bad news about covid 19 here in our place, but more happy moments inside the house hehe..thanks a lot Sir @tattoodjay for the #wednesdaywalk initiative and Ma'am @elizacheng for #makemesmile!πŸ’•.

New month..first day of "Ber months!".
Even before, I always said that I felt so happy when the month of September started, hehehe because here in our country, radio stations are all starting to play Christmas songs as the first hour of September 1 comes. It was a jolly moment. I always play Christmas songs whenever I am a bit problematic..or sad, it makes me lively. But I felt a different special feeling when I heard it unexpectedly on the radio stations. Almost all the TV and radio stations were talking about Christmas, and the first song I heard was Jose Marie Chan's songs "Perfect Christmas" and "Christmas in our Heart". And Christmas lanterns are on sale now Hehehe.

Actually around 4 AM today, we were surprised by the unexpected announcement in our place, because the front-liners did a covid19 test for all children. The count of deaths is increasing here, mostly children and pregnant women. I don't want to elaborate more because it was bad news. To sum it all, it is very strict here now, more strict than before.

So I still made my Wednesday full of smiles..even only me and Nico here at home.

After the meeting in the morning, I spent most of my time getting passes and a health card, mandatory requirements even if you only stay at home. And because of the protocols, my goodness it took me an hour waiting for my turn.


Then I bought pasta for our lunch, and a for afternoon snack..no time to cook more because Nico was already hungry.


Then after lunch, I opened my gallery and chose some photos for this post, and I am sharing with you some special photos which I always value the most.

I will share with you the special people in my heart. which I consider them my Beloved Guardian angels. Why? Well because they became a special part of my life, and have been with me in my most sorrowful and happy moments. I am proud to introduce them to you all.

First is Nico, he is my little guardian angel. He is very kind, sweet, and loving!πŸ’—.
I never regret that he became a part of my life..very responsible too!. He always makes me proud and gives me an overflowing reason to smile..a naughty, respectful, jolly, and witty Nico..he is always copying everything I do.


When I went outdoors and reached back home, he always put my slippers in front of our door and the body disinfectant hehehe, he was reminding me to remove my jacket, shoes, bag and everything in my hand..and he will start to use disinfectant spray over me like I was the virus hahaha! How I love him so much!. I got content to spend my life on work, school, and home routine only..without socializing as other single ladies do. And I am naturally a home buddy one. If going outdoors, it was only with family and relatives or my assistant at the office but very seldom.

Another Guardian angel in my life is Mr.Navi, that is what I call him..hahaha, I don't know why every time I say something good about him..he was so shy and sent this "πŸ™ˆ"..ooops✌ hehe. I don't know what your reaction would be when you read this. It has a " caption now" hehe. He is God-fearing, very kind, humble, respectful..religious, sweet, loving and his love for humanity is admirable..a gentleman that I truly admired and adored. He never praises himself..all he said he is simple..very down to earth. I will never forget how he spent time with me, and comforted me, like a pillow hehe.. while I was walking like crazy in the terminal, sorrowful, and crying non-stop. Never a day he missed on reminding me to take good care of Nico. I never chatted with any man online like the way I chatted with him, I fully trust him with all my heart. He became my great motivator aside from some of my family at Dreemport (UU before) when I almost got insane as Mom had her first heart attack and was brought to the hospital.

I never expected him to have that kind of golden soft heart. I first met him in Kikiers or Kikitime (closed platform now)..but we happily ignored each other there hahaha! I never remember I had an interaction with him, hehe..he was a staff member of that platform too. The Uptrennd, hmm till Christmas 2020 week came, that adorable guy, commented for the first time on my Christmas contest posts..and tipped me a Christmas gift on that Christmas entry hehe! SantaπŸŽ…Navi.βœŒπŸ’•hehe!. Oooops it's not the tip, it's the thought that counts..because he is a very thoughtful person.

I got inspired by @dreemsteem posts "Burning LoveπŸ’•"..where she made a handmade post for special people too. And I am also a person that loves to give handmade crafts to people who are special to me and loved the most.

Well, last time I posted one of the photos of my handmade craft here, without identification but now it's complete, I don't have the reason to hide it, because I already posted it before when I was on another platform and made a birthday post for Navi because he was also there. But he is not here in Hive now. But I know you are seeing my posts hehe.

In these collages of photos, there is a Valentine Card I made for him last February, then A Birthday Card too. Well, I had the video wishes for him and my not-good singing voice too hahaha but never plan to show it here, just for him. I am comfortable with him and don't feel shy, but I respect his little privacy left hehehe!. So your selfie photo is a bit blurry..next time I will show the clear copy hehe..one at a time..he is cute! Hehehe.✌..I put his photo on a fresh leaf, cut in heart shape, even his name it was made up of fresh green leaves.


And in this, another collage of photos are some of the food I shared with him "hissa". Well, when I have the time to cook and prepare food, I always sent his " hissa"..he said it means "part or share" in their language. So I always make my food presentation beautiful and share it with him..even the simple food we had at home, I bought or food I had when I was on night shift, I shared with him on my break time. He is a nature lover so I arranged the cupcakes like a flower.


There were times we had misunderstandings, but we never fought, hmmm or if so.. we still talked hehehe..we never lost our contact, there were times we didn't chat on some days but we left messages for each other, updating what was happening on that day or week. Well between us, he is the one who is more understanding and kind. He's a true gentleman, he never throws even a single bad word at me nor disrespects me in any way, always apologetic even in our few mild arguments. We have been together in different situations like happiness, sadness, misunderstandings, craziness, laziness with our lengthy chat hehehe.

Navi and I are both nature lovers, love the greenery, both love photography, but his photography is great, I'm nothing compared to him hehe and our favorite sports are also the same. Swimming hehehe!.

Here are the 2 of my favorite photos he shared with me, there's more but I loved these two the most.


The rose I used in my profile picture with my selfie, oooppss..he like that profile picture too, hehe.. that was a memorable one, we had a little argument after I replaced it, but he understands my reason..but I'm thinking if I will use it again..hehe..you are so sweet Mr.Navi.πŸ’•πŸ’š.I know your reaction (πŸ™ˆπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈβœŒ). Hehehe!.

And another set of photos that also made me smile today was this set of photos I had before...I missed photography, but our condition and time would not allow me to get a good capture. We were like a prisoner here in our place this time because of Covid19.


These are our plants at home and I edited it..

I wish I could do more of these soon!


So this was my Adorable Wednesday walk with my beloved Guardian Angels, the 2 important people in my life.. πŸ’•πŸ˜˜that made me smile and loved the most!πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’•.😊

Pretty sure each of you has a human guardian angels in your life too! Take good care of them and treasure and loved them the most because people like them are a blessing to consider!πŸ˜‡πŸ™.


I hope you all like it!🌷
Please take care and have a good rest whenever there is a chance. Always wear and keep a beautiful smile like thisπŸ‘‰πŸ˜πŸ’•..always be jolly and happy!πŸ’š. Lift all the worries to God..and Let God be the center of life forever and always, pray before you sleep at night to avoid πŸ‘» nightmares!πŸ’•..welcome the morning with a solemn prayer and have a happy mood!πŸ’š

I hope you do your stuff well today!πŸ’•
Have a blessed night!πŸ˜‡
See you allπŸ’•!
God be with you all.!πŸ™




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