Have you ever been stranded before? When was the last time you asked a stranger for transport fare? Well, I did that some years ago while looking for a job. I ran out of cash one day while traveling a long distance to submit my CV. So I resorted to "begging" strangers for transport fare to go back home. It was my first and that should be my last. Haha

Today, I find my self almost in that situation again but this time,I refused to beg. I have legs, why don't I walk? Coincidentally this came handy because I am making a post on my Wednesday walk anyways. Haha.
It happened when I closed from work today by 2pm. I had left the house earlier in a rush, not knowing that I left my purse. I had a busy day at work computing report sheets for my students. At the close of work, I wanted to board taxi with my daughter. Trust kids with ice creams, she requested for ice cream. It was then I discovered that my purse was missing.

Could it have fallen off from my bag or could I have left it at home in the morning? Such thoughts were racing through my mind until my child drew my attention to a scarier one-- transport fare home!. Oh my gosh! We have no money to go back home! Well, that's how the Wednesday walk began. This is my girl and I walking home amidst some 'temptations' on the road.😄
Her icecream is forgone of course.

This was when our walk began. It was going to be a long walk and the sun was high. I noticed that my child wasn't happy with the walking idea but there is nothing she can do to change that. I wasn't going to ask strangers for money. Well, I guess her frustration didn't reflect much in the image above,did it? Haha.

When we got to a byke stop, she was tempted to suggest that we take a byke.

But I wasn't sure if I would find my purse easily at home. I just can't keep the bykeman waiting for his money while I searched for my purse. So we just had to walk. Could it be the eggrolls and fish pie on the show glass that saddened her more than the byke we aren't taking? We still would walk anyways. Haha

A bottle of cold drink on a sunny day is oh, so good.

By the time we walked past those bottles, I knew that next time, I would double-check and make sure I do not lose my purse anymore. We also had other temptations on the walk that made me brood over my lost purse. I almost couldn't resist these fruits and vegetables.

I love pineapples a lot and you see those watermelons, they are just so inviting. But I set my face towards home and made good use of my legs without asking nor buying anything on credit.Haha

We got home exhausted but I achieved my Wednesday walk in disguise. I felt happy that I did not embarrass myself by asking for help from strangers. Did you know that by the time I got home, I found my purse right there at the gate? I guess it must have fallen off while putting it into my bag in haste in the morning. I guess it never entered into my bag. But I was glad that no one had picked it up, I guess no one came visiting either.

How about you? How did your day go? Would you tell us about your Wednesday walk experience? I like to hear it. Haha. Thanks for the visit.


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