Martial Arts Curation Project: Delegate for support


Hello Hivers,

I am embarking on a curation mission to reward under-appreciated martial artists. The martial arts are practiced by millions of people world-wide. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport on earth.

Despite the massive popularity of martial arts, I see a problem on Hive. Every day great martial artists create content, but with few exceptions most of them go unrewarded. This drives new members away and discourages the current ones who are creating content.

This saddens me because I cannot think of many activities that are better than martial arts. They have helped me to grow into the person I am today.

The Hive blockchain is missing out on a huge opportunity. If content creators go unrewarded, they will not be encouraged to create, and fewer people will learn about the benefits of martial arts. I would like Hive to have a thriving martial arts community that competes with the centralized platforms.

I cannot accomplish my mission without support. I am asking for delegations so I can build a thriving community.


Here are ways you can support this project:

Subscribe to the FightingArts Community.

Delegate to @chucknun, the FightingArts Community support account.

Follow the @chucknun curation trail on Hive.Vote.

Delegate Hive through DLease. (14.26% apr)

1000 HP
1000 HP
1000 HP

If you choose to support the project please leave a comment below.

Thank you all for your support.