Basic Solo Drills for FMA



In my first Filipino Martial Arts video I demonstrated 14 basic angles of attack. In this video I demonstrate 5 basic solo drills that will improve your dexterity and weapon control. These are all good exercises to do as a warm up.

  1. The first drill is a stretch. Hold the stick on both ends and shoot the hand through towards your chest. Do for a count of 10 – 15 on both sides.
  2. In the second drill, grip the stick in the middle and twist back and forth. This drill warms and strengthens the wrist. It’s important that you really twist the stick back and forth. Try to twist a full 180 degrees and generate wind from the twist. Do for a count of 10 – 15 in both hands.
  3. In the third drill, slide the hand down towards the end of the stick. Twist the stick a full 180 degrees. This movement is called an abaniko (fan). The abaniko drill will strengthen your forearms and grip, adding power to your strikes.
  4. The fourth drill is a basic twirl. The twirl is called arko (circle). Grip the stick in between the thumb and fore finger and let it ride freely through the remaining three fingers. Choose a number of twirls going down, and do the same amount going back up.
  5. The final drill is like the nunchaku drill where you pass the stick from under one arm to the other. This drill develops dexterity and awareness.


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