IAAC DAY 018 | Rest

img_0.07500626302000285.jpg Beagle Restingby @agmoore
It's another Monday, to some twas a busy day to others they were on a lockdown in their location. Well I'm grateful to be alive and I'm happy you are alive too. It was a really stressful weekend for me and when I finally had time to rest, I slept from about 6:30pm yesterday till about 12:00pm today. Nature cannot be cheated hence the reason to rest when necessary. Rest is necessary as most cells and muscles of the body get to relax and build up. It allows the brain time to boost and rejuvenate. It leaves the general status of the body at healthy. Lack of rest can/may be a factor of aging as superficial muscles would sag. Our creator also took out time to rest when He completed the creation, this is already a lesson.


Thank you @flaxz.alive for this beautiful opportunity. I'm glad you are alive to keep on the good work you are doing in #alive

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