I am alive challenge: 16th September 2023: It's not all rosy you know

If there is a commercial for an exact description of stress, I think I will do a great job of it. Jeez!

I know these are not the things to post. I am meant to uplift your soul and tell you that life is rosy most of the time- I stand today to represent the unpopular ‘not rosy’ / ‘pas rosé’.
Yes, I have been learning French and it is a good extension to open up my brain on Duolingo.😁

I choose to embrace it this time (the not-so-rosy feeling) and rest. Sleep knocks at my eyelids heavily right now to give way- ‘Calm down, I will give in immediately after this post’.

I sewed an outfit today and started yesterday night by cutting it. I promised a mum to get it ready for her birthday not withstanding the blackout in Nigeria. Though it was resolved today not after I had made other plans - though I am grateful.

Being grateful is my go to arena to get away from gloomy situations and it has always paid off.

My whole body aches from the sewing and promise to post the step-by-step process to achieve a front-zipped gown. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring amsmiles on the faces of people through what I do.

I am grateful for life, experiences and mistakes (I sure do learn from them) though won't mind a far less hurtful learning process😅

I went for a meeting in the evening but was almost so sure I would not make it but I did. Thank goodness I could.

Next stop - making my gown after I start feeling like myself though.

I am alive and grateful . Hope you are too?

Today's post is part of my daily participation in the #Iamalivechallenge

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Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always! We are not promised tomorrow

~Whitney Alexander; a lover of God, life and knowledge; an accountant, a fashion designer, a part-time foodie, a resplendent tutor and a blogger/writer/storyteller in the hive family and loving every bit of it. Thanks for stopping by. Your comments and inputs are very much welcomed. xoxo~

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