Snowy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday readers. Today we have been getting a lot of snow. It's been steadily falling since last night and a soft, cold, white blanket covers the earth. The temperature is 28F.

I worked from my cozy bedroom from 7:45 to 4:45. Call volume is picking up as we approach the end of the year as people try to get the most from their benefits. It will get increasingly busy as December begins. Computer systems are temperamental at best.

Monday evening I fell walking in the rain up the driveway after putting a card in the mailbox. I hit a patch of mud at the top of the driveway because I was wearing Crocs. I skinned up a knee and I caught myself with my right hand and sprained my wrist. I've been dealing with nausea as a result after wrapping the wrist with first a compression wrap and then an ace bandage. I didn't connect the dots regarding the nausea and the wrap until lunch was over today. Finally, I can eat!

Dinner was cabbage with noodles and smoked sausage. I'm very tired and see myself retiring early tonight. I was in bed last night before 9:30.

Tuesday is Burn Alive day in Alive. I will spend some Alive to promote this post.

I'm thankful, alive and thriving. Thank you for reading 📚.

Photos captured using my Samung Galaxy Note S22 Ultra Plus smartphone.

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credit @tattooedjay

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